Would you Care?

You never tried to understand,

Why I lied,

Why I glared.

You never cared about my depression,

You thought it was another obssession.

You argued every moment we had,

You said I made you sad.

I broke our friendship,

So you said.

But you were the one,

Who drove me into the ground,

And expected me to be ok,

And still be alive every day.

I can see all your mistakes,

I can see your faults.

You let your daughter miss everyday of school,

But if I missed a class,

You would be so very cruel.

You believed every lie,

That your daughter had to give.

You could not believe the truth,

Because it came from my lips.

Now I left your place,

Entered the world.

But who do you blame?


Or yourself?

Do you even care,

That you drove me away,

And ruined my life.

Did you ever try to be,

A little more understanding?

Would ever stop,

Letting your daughter take advantage of you?

Or will you stop from having good friends,

That just can't face the world,

When life seems to come to an end?

Would you ever care,

If I commited suicide?

Would you ever care,

If it was also because of you?

Would you ever care,

That you could have helped me,

And be at my side and encourage me,

To be strong,

Have faith,

And keep holding on?


Instead you pushed in the wrong direction.

You smothered me with disaproval.

You yelled at me because I was upset.

I wouldn't tell you,

So you got pissed.

I couldn't.

I kept a promise to my friend.

I promised not to tell,

I knew you would not understand.

I knew you would get the elders,

And try to find a cure for my disease.

I was right.

You didn't understand.

And I kept that promise to my friend,

And that friend was very special.

Her heart aching,

For she never knew love.

Not from her family,

Not from her witness friends.

Her mind torn in peaces,

Dying to be healed.

Her spirit breaking,

Waiting for the cure of death.

That friend I love,

And that friend was not just any friend.

That friend was me!