"I saw the greatest minds of my generation torn by madness, guilt, and hatred."

Arashideth read as he lay on his couch. "Geez, why are these people so depressing?" He laughed

at himself. Kind of a wierd thing to say, especially coming from him. Arashideth L. Summers, is a

vampire. But there is only one problem, he still has a bit of humanity left in his blood. Arashi was

changed by a purebred vampire by the name of Eld Craft. There is a secret behind what

happened the night he was changed, 109 years ago...

Arashi walked down his rainwashed street. It had been raining for several days. He

sighed to himself. He hated rainy days. Oh well, he thought. As he walked on, he noticed that the

neighborhood seemed slightly empty. More so than normal. After a couple more steps, he

understood why. There, by a lampost was one of the strangest humans Arashi had ever seen. It

was a tall blue haired woman. She was wearing what appeared to be a leather overcoat, with a t-

shirt and black pants. Another thing he noticed, was that she was holding a long thin piece of

wood, with a spear at the end. Arashi stared. A magnificent urge to run fell over him. I have to

get away he thought. I must! Arashi turned, but a voice in his head caught his attention. Do not

run... Arashi went limp, collapsing to the ground. No, I cant die here, I have to go home.I have

to go home and see my girlfriend again. It cant end before that! The voice answered his

thoughts yet again. Foolish human. Then the woman started to approach him. He was frozen on

the ground. He couldnt move.

She knelt by him. An icy cold fell over Arashi as she took her spear and ran it across his neck.

Blackness suddenly engulfed him, and in the distance he heard screaming. It was getting louder,

and then he realised who it was, it was his girlfriend. He tried to call out to her, to tell her to stay

away. But he couldnt. Suddenly he felt a thump on the ground near him.

He didnt need to hear the malicious laughter beside him to know what had happened. He felt lips

against the slice in his neck, and a voice in his head once again. Do not worry about her. She is

of no matter to you now... "Nooooo!" Arashi screamed. There was movement on the other side

of him. Then he heard Julia's voice. "You, evil vile monster, leave him alone!" The vampire

answered her. "Haha, humans. Such funny creatures you are. You will sacrifice your life

for someone you love, yet you fear death most." "Be quiet. You know not of love or life.

Vampire!" There was more noise next to Arashi, as he felt something soft fall over him. There

was a hissing coming from the vampire Eld next to him. "Damn. Archangel. I should have

known! No matter, I will dispose of you. This human is mine now. He is eternally

damned." There was a slashing and a painful yelp above Arashi, and then he felt warm liquid

flood over him. A soft body caressed his and soft feathers touched his face. Archangel? Thought

Arashi, What does that mean? And then there was blackness....

Arashi blinked coming out of his daydream. It had been a while since he had thought

about that night. Sighing, he got up and walked for the coffee maker. It provided him nothing but

caffeine, he couldnt even taste the bitterness anymore. Arashi looked out the window to see the

sun rising softly over the forest trees. Although he had some angelic blood, he prefered the night.

The vampiric blood was stronger, and more abundant in his veins than that of the Archangel

Julia's. There was a slight draft in the room, and suddenly Eld appeared in the middle of the living

room. "Feh, still trying to cling to your humanity Arashideth?" Eld provoked. "I told you not to call

me by my full name. You know I hate that." Arashi growled. A faint smile fell over Eld's hallowed

face. "...You need to feed Arashi..." He sighed again, more painful than before. "I know," he said

"I know." After another minute of deepening silence, Arashi left for his room. First, he thought. I

need sleep. After he got to his room, he fell into bed, and slept.

That night as Arashi awoke, he climbed out of bed and and got dressed. He opened the

blinds to see the lasts rays of the sun before they set, leaving the horizon shaded in a bloodred

crimson color. Arashi looked on in disdain at the life he had once known. Julia, he thought, Its

been so long. He shut his eyes, they were beginning to burn slightly. After it had gotten dark

enough for Arashi to travel safetly, he spread his black feathered wings, and took off from his

porch, flying through the clouds. As he saw lights, he lowered over the outskirts of the town. He

didnt want to attract attention to himself. Disolving his wings, he walked into the main road

looking for a place to go. He finally stopped in front of a festive looking night club. Arashi looked

around for a sign. There he spotted it " Cover charge $10 " He laughed to himself. Why am I so

cheap? He thought. Arashi thought hard for a moment, then concentrating his energy, he

disappeared. A second later he found himself in front of the bar, lights flashing in every direction.

Interesting... he thought.

Arashi looked around, searching for prey that would best suit his needs. One who had the

most blood coursing through their veins. He searched longingly. His canines were pulsating with

the mere thought of the blood that would soon stain his lips. After awhile of searching, he found a

significant donor. Ordering up two drinks he set off across the dance floor to a woman who was

dancing fiercly. "Hello," he wispered in her ear. The woman grinned and grabbed the drink Arashi

offered her. The lights flashed angrely around the crowded dance area, and the music resounded

off of the walls. Arashi led the woman over into a corner where there was a table for two which

was slightly secluded. "So, you are a valant dancer I see." The woman smiled. "Yes," Arashi

brushed this off. He was getting anxious. It had been over a month since he had last fed. "I never

properly introduced myself," she said. "My name is Alex. Alex Mcade."

"Well Alex," Arashi scooted closer to get near her neck. "I dont suppose-" Alex interuppted him

"You are flawless as far as Im concerened." Arashi sighed slightly. This Alex woman was clearly

waisted.Arashi leaned closer to her neck and wispered "Everything bows to beauty when it is

fierce and when it is flawless." And with that he sank his razor fangs into her neck and allowed

her blood to flow freely. She twitched slightly. The blood tasted strongly of alcohal. Arashi

smirked, Dont worry he thought its only a bad dream...

Arashideth drew away from her. Looking at the clock he spotted that it was nearly three

in the morning. He had been dancing and feeding all night. It was hard to suppress the bloodlust

inside him. Arashi stood and walked toward the exit. He had fed on four humans tonight. He had

killed none of them. He took as enough blood from them so that he could live, and so could they.

He stepped out into the cold night air. He could smell the sunrise drewing nearer, it would rise in

several hours.Walking to the edge of town once again he stood out of sight. He thought to himself,

They'll be ok, people will just think they passes out. When the sun rises they will awaken,

and remember me not. Sighing heavily, he materialized his wings once again, and took flight into

the dark sky. Stars twinkling menacingly overhead.

Arashi remembered a conversation he had shortly after his death. After he had woken up

and discoverd what he really was, he had been suprised.He could remember nothing. "You are

Arashideth, of the eternally damned." Eld had told him as he was staring at his hands in awe and

disgust. "No," He had answered her. "I will not be what you are!" Arashi glared at Eld, his voice

full of fear and loathing. Eld had merely looked on with a smile. "Dont be a fool. You have no

choice, there is no going back now." Arashi collapsed into tears. "What have you done?"

"I have given you eternal life in place of your pitiful mortality." Arashi blinked. What does this

mean? Why cant I remember anything? He tried to think hard, what had his life been like. Was

he even alive or was this just a dream? His head began to hurt and so he layed down, hoping

againts hope that he would never awaken to this nightmare again...

Eld stared at the moon in a trance. She stared uneasilly towards the stars...where is he?

A tear streamed down his face..Julia I want nothing more than to be with you again.

Please....Arashi landed on the porch once again, and meandered inside. Eld was waiting for him

on the couch. "Your late" she scoffed. "Tsk, like you care," he grumbled."Why do you despise this

life I have given you?" She pleaded. "Life? You call this life? This is a false life given by a

damned creature! You know nothing of life!" He shouted, his face flushing with anger and blood.

"Or love, you have not the faintest idea of whay you taken from me!" Arashi fell to his knees,

tears streaming down his face. Aha, so a vampire can cry, he thought. It's been so long...