This is a side story to my... other... one... yeah. So, anyway...

About Ceara Rehtus. She doesn't have bad days. She has BAD days. Don't tick her off or she'll throw pineapples at you. Or hit you with a flag. Or a rifle. Or her 7 foot pole... yup. Ow. don't ask... read! and review! Yeah! Okay, you can stop reading this and look at the story now.

Ok, so now that I know that no one is reading this, I can say what I have to. This was written by Ceara's Friends Inc. Mi impermeable es muy muy guapo. jk. NEways...


riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-gh-gh-kchkchkch-kjkjkjkjkjkjk-ishhhhhhhhhhhhh... BOOM! Ah, the glorious life of Ceara's alarm clock.

So, she gets up. And looks around her room. Left: Awww, it's a wittle hippo! Right: Aw, it's a wittle dancing hippo! Front: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! It's a dancing hippo in a Speedo!!!!!

'Ok. Calm down. You do this every morning...'

So she gets up. And goes to the bathroom, where she does stuff. She quickly takes out a Hair-stick-thing-... and wraps her hair around it. She twists it and jams it hurriedly, into her hair. And into her neck...

"Argh! Darn hair thing! You make babies cry! DIE!!!"


*sob* "Ohhh, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have taken out my anger on you!" *checks for pulse and finds none* "NOOOOO!"

She holds the now cracked and bloody hair thing to her chest. She cries hysterically for awhile then gets over it when she smells...

"BACON!" Hair thing forgotten, she rushes downstairs and runs into her sister. Ow. She turns and goes by. Ah, so that's why she was standing there. A chair. "Oomph! Whoops!"

Now bloody, disheveled, and bruised, she sits down. She eats breakfast. She goes upstairs. She brushes her teeth. she combs her hair... blah blah...

She goes out onto her porch to wait for the bus. She relaxes on the swing benchy thingy. All of a sudden, something moves. Pain.


Look around.

Peel angry cat off butt.

More pain.

The bus comes. She gets on. Wow. Exciting.

As the bus goes through the city to her high school, she spots a sign that says "Bush Cheney".

'Now I wonder what that means. The vice president is Dick Cheney, so maybe there is a relation between Dick and Bush.'

She gets off at her high school. She walks to her homeroom... and runs straight into a random stack of papers.

'ow. bad day'

She goes to the bathroom to see waht she looks like. There is a paper cut on every inch of her body!

'Oh, well. Not as bad as I thought.'

She hurries out of the bathroom, and trips into a pool of lemon juice.

~1 hour later~

The police have left and people are starting to take off their ear muffs.

Ceara decides to go home. She walks out of the lobby, and tarts walking home. Suddenly, she senses an evil presence behind her with her super magical powers. She turns around. A kid. A trike. A Chihuahua. She runs. The kid eventually catches up.

~the next day~

Ceara likes this class. It's a mixture of yoga and psycho-logy.

"Be one with the sidewalk"

She feels relaxed. Then, looking up, she sees the Chihuahua in the window.



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