Well, even though no one is reading this, I'm gonna post again!

Happy Day. No, wait, this is Ceara.


Epilogue #2

Ceara and HE (I forgot his name) went to Rochester (MN) for a day [from Japan. Their kids went off to war or something]. It was September 16th, and they decided to have some fun. So they went to the President Bush thingy at Mayo Field. They drank lots of water, saw snipers, got checked for bombs, and heard the band.

"Wow!" exclaimed Ceara. "They are REALLY good!"

"Yes, they are," said someone behind her. (Skippy went to the bathroom or something)

Ceara spun around and saw *gasp* President Bush!

"Hey," she said.



"Oh yeah! I was a'thinkin that I want that der band to play at the White House some time!"

"That's nice." Skippy walked up. "Let's go."

So they left and went to MD's and then drove back to Japan.

The End.

Even I am amazed. How. Lame. Buh bye. Check out my other stories. Ha. This is Kamarilla Aerin Nariini O'rion, a.k.a. Kam613 signing off.