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Chapter 2

Lila woke up to the song of the birds. She rolled over and looked at her clock. It was about eight in the morning. She wasn't a morning person so she rolled over in bed, covered her head and went back to sleep.
"Lila! Your sister's here!" Her mom called. Evidently, she didn't agree to her daughter's choice. Reluctantly she got up and went downstairs. When she got there she saw her sister wearing a light blue tank top with the same color shorts; while she, herself, was still wearing her pajamas which consisted of a black tank bra and black boxers.
"Hurry up and get dressed! We've got to meet the girls at the beachside Café in half an hour." She said, cheerfully as ever. Lila went back upstairs and pulled on a black top and black jeans. They started walking down the street and spotted Aira.
"Hey Aira!" She turned and waved. They hurried to catch up with her and started talking. Aira was wearing a white skirt with a silver spaghetti strapped top. Her hair was in a messy bun on the back of her head and she had a pair of sunglasses on the top of her head. They walked down the beach and Lila noticed a couple of guys staring at them. She had to admit. They were a sight. Little miss prep, with a Goth, and a quiet girl. How often does that occur? Not to mention they were very pretty. Aira was beautiful. It wasn't a mysterious beauty, nor was it a false beauty; it was more inspiring than anything. And her sister. Her sister was a sight! She was stunning and sweet. Lila had more of an unusual beauty. Her mom says it makes her look mysterious. They walked into the beachside café and saw Trina busy at work. She walked up to them and sat down.
"Just got on my break. One of these days I'm gonna get fired. Almost did today."
"Why?" Aira asked.
"The perverts that come keep hitting on me. I'm gonna hit them eventually if they don't stop. And my boss doesn't do anything about it. He is so stupid." Trina was wearing an orange shirt that said 'Kitty Kitty' on it and it had a black cat on it.
"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late! I woke up late." Terra told them. "Oh! And here's the book." She pulled the book out from a canvas bag and set it on the table. Terra was wearing a brown skirt with a pink top along with her normal smile.
"We still can't open it." Aira said.
"Maybe it has some sort of clue, like someone's name or something." Kira suggested. Terra turned the book over looking for something.
"It has something inscribed on the back."
"Hey girls! I'm so sorry! The director was late so our practice was a little longer than normal." Nixie said, finally making an appearance.
"It's okay. You didn't miss anything." Trina told her. She sat down. She was wearing a Baby blue tee and Capri's.
"Let's see what this inscription says." Terra began.
"Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire, bound to dark and light,
Wind and fire bound to dark,
And Water, and Earth bound to light..
Fairy, Mermaid, Wolf, Dragon, Vampire, and Angel, Guard the seven crystals.
Fairy guards wind,
Mermaid guards Water,
Wolf guards Earth,
Dragon guards Fire,
Vampire guards dark
And Angel guards the light.
The sovereign of the world, rests in eternal sleep,
You each have now gained a power of ancient times.
The past repeats and the sovereign will be revealed when the time is right.
Until then, you must try to find her before he finds her.
You are now
The Elementz." She read. They looked around and noticed that, like yesterday, time stopped. They looked at each other, then the book. There was a light over the book. They all reached out to it and out came six different keys. The light was still hovering over the book. And before any one could say anything, it flew off. The next thing they knew, time was going again.
"That was so freaky!" Kira exclaimed.
"You're telling me." Lila commented. The girls opened their hands to examine the keys. Aira's key was silver. Nixie's was blue. Terra's was green. Trina's was red. Lila's was black. And Kira's was white. They all looked like miniature crosses and had words across the wide section of them. Aira's said "Wind". Nixie's said "Water". Terra's said "Earth". Trina's said "Fire". Kira's said "Light". And Lila's said "Dark".
"Maybe one of these will work." Terra said. She looked on the side and found six keyholes. She put her key in the green keyhole. The others followed suit, matching their key to the keyhole. When all the keys were in, they turned them at the same time. The book snapped open and they saw the first page.
"The Prophecy of the Keys," Aira read. She turned the page. A table of contents. They turned the page once again. "This book is the royal book of the Elemental Kingdom. The kingdom is protected by seven warriors. These warriors are also princesses of their own kingdom. The Wind Kingdom, the Water kingdom, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Kingdom, the Light Kingdom, and the Dark Kingdom. The seventh warrior comes from the Elemental Kingdom's Royal family. The Sovereign, Princess Zi. Then the Dark Kingdom betrayed the Elemental Kingdom and kidnapped the princess, and hid her away. The princess of the Dark Kingdom didn't know what they did to the princess, and, despite the fact she had to go against her family, fought hard to find the princess. In the final battle, neither side won. Both sides were out of warriors, and neither could fight anymore. With the last of their strength, the Dark Kingdom sent the Princess to hide somewhere on Earth. And the Queen of the Elemental Kingdom created seven magical keys in which, held the princesses powers. She sent them and the princesses to Earth to sleep for a thousand years. After the time was up, the princesses would awaken. And they would live normal lives, until their paths crossed." Nixie took over the reading.
"On this day, they would find a book, this book, and they would start to remember their past. After a year, their memory would be completely restored. During this year, they would learn to control their powers and find the members of the Dark Kingdom, and the other kingdoms, including each of their betrothed. Then they would find the princess, and fight the battle against the Dark Kingdom. Then and only then would they find their true strength, and defeat the Dark Kingdom." Terra began reading next.
"The princesses would learn their powers by finding their guardian. Their guardian would appear when the girls found their power. The keys help control this power and can transform them into their warrior forms or their princess forms, in which, they are the most powerful. The keys can also turn into staffs when needed. These staffs can help channel the princess's powers and help protect them from powerful blasts of energy." Trina started next.
"They would find their power in order of youngest to oldest, the earth princess being first, and the water princess second, then the wind princess, so on and so forth. Their powers each develop differently. The Earth princess's powers will sprout first and as she grows older, she will get stronger. The Water princess's powers will grow with each night. The Wind princess's powers will develop with each breath she takes. The Fire princess's powers will mature with every light added. The Light and Dark princesses' powers will grow with each passing day or night." Trina took a break and Kira took over.
"Some of the followers of the Dark Kingdom weren't of the Dark Kingdom, but of the other kingdoms that didn't believe in the rulers. These people were known as traitors and betrayers of the crown. Some of the guards at the palaces were even spies from the Dark Kingdom. These spies were sent to kidnap the other princesses. Luckily, they were caught before they could carry on with their plans." Kira took a break and let Lila finish the page.
"The princesses' most powerful powers are what they consider the most beautiful thing in the world. An example, the Water Princess's is a waterfall," At this point she had to turn the page. But, there was nothing on the other page. Or the next page, or the next. The rest of the book was blank. "That's strange."
"Yeah. Hey guys, hate to cut it short and everything, but, I've got practice," Nixie told them.
"And I've got to get back to work." Trina said.
"I have to get back to my garden. I haven't watered it today." Terra told the group.
"I have a baby-sitting job." Aira informed.
"Before you guys go, did any of you have any strange dreams last night?" Lila asked.
"Yeah. I had one of this girl, she was looking at me, but I couldn't see her face," Kira started.
"Me too! She was in this beautiful gown. It had bows and ribbons, the whole nine yards!" Trina spoke up.
"She looked so sad. I wanted to help her, but I couldn't." Terra told the group.
"I could see tears streaming down her face, and even when her hair was blown back by the wind, I couldn't see her eyes." Aira confessed.
"It was like she wanted my help, but I couldn't reach her." Nixie told them.
"I've tried to remember her face, but I can't." Lila told them.
"Freaky." They all said at the same time. After a while, they went their separate ways. Nixie left for the stage where her practice was, Aira went to her employers house to baby-sit "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" as she called them. Trina went back to serving customers, and Lila and Kira went to the dock to talk. Terra was walking down the street to her house so she could water her babies, as she calls them. She unlatched the gate and filled up her watering can. She went to the Petunias and Daisies and watered them while singing a song. She went to water her roses and saw someone at the gate.
"Oh, hello. I was just watering my plants. Do you want to see my mom? She's inside, I'm sure she won't mind." She babbled.
"This is a beautiful garden." He said. "Did you grow it all by yourself?"
"Uh huh. My mom taught me how to grow it, and I did the rest."
"I was curious; would you like to be in a gardening contest?"
"Wow! A real contest? I've always wanted to be in one! Of course!" She said excitedly.
"Great! My name is Damek, by the way. I'm part of the home and garden committee for the festival."
"Wow! Really? That's so cool. I've always wanted to do something for the festival, but I didn't find anything I liked, except the gardening, but they already had enough council members and they had enough entries already. Plus I was too young."
"That must have been last year. You have to be at least fourteen to enter. So you're probably about fourteen or fifteen."
"Yup! I turn fifteen in August." She said excitedly.
"Really! Oh! I still don't know your name do I?"
"Oh my! How rude of me. I'm Terra. Terra Roberson."
"Well, I'll get you signed up. All you have to do is pick a plant that you think has done well, and show up on Saturday for the competition."
"Okay. Thank you so much! You don't know how much I appreciate this." She said. He waved bye, and she waved back. She went back inside and decided to take a nap. It had been a long day and she was tired. She crawled in bed and pulled the covers over her body. This was going to be the best festival ever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember! 2 reviews! That's all I'm asking for! R&R! Pleez!