The Battle

I'm telling you, there is nothing worse in your whole life than high school. I mean it. When you're an adult (and that's assuming you survive high school), you may look back and reflect on your life. When that happens, you'll be glad that terror is so far behind you now.

Lucky you.

I'm only 16. But already, the pressure of high school is getting to me. I can't take it much more. How am I going to make it through 2 more years? It's sheer hell in here. Maybe I should transfer.

Ok, so maybe if you're younger than me, you wouldn't understand how I feel. You'd probably think I'm exaggerating, and this is a whole load of insane rantings from a derange teenager. Fine. I'll lay all the bare facts before you. Let's see you deny that.

My name is Jennifer. Jennifer Summers. And I live in mortal terror everyday. It's a battleground. Wait, rewind. Let me explain all about the social ladder at Snyder High, where I study. Perhaps only then can you see why every decision in my life is so critical.

Right at the bottom of the rung is the Nobodies. They are the drifters, the ones whom belong nowhere, the ones whom popular people completely ignore. They might well be non-existent as far as most people are concerned. That would be me in this group.

Of course, the Born Losers aren't far ahead. They're the fat and ugly and stupid people. Not good at studies or sports or looks. The Elite (explain later) use them as punching bags whenever they feel upset. Cannon fodder. These are the people I feel really sorry for.

Then there are the Groupies. These people hang around the Elite, hoping to enter one of the prestigious cliques. They have no life at all, always fawning over their idols. It really makes me want to throw up.

Lastly, right at the top of the ladder lie the Elite Four. They are the most popular people in the whole of Snyder High. They have the power to build entire sororities, and then destroy them single-handedly. They are Kristy Barton, Selena Lovecraft, Chris Gateway and Victor Rogers. And they aren't called the Elite Four for nothing.

Well, there you have it in a nutshell. How Snyder High functions. It's amazing how anyone can hope to absorb some knowledge while trying to stay alive in this battleground. Still, there isn't the slightest chance of trying to topple this ladder of doom. No one would dare to go up against the Elite Four. And hope to survive.

That was before they destroyed Anna.

Anna is my best friend. Well, she was my best friend. I'm not sure if that's still the case now. She moved away after the incident. I guess there wasn't room to stay. Not after Kristy ruined her life.

I swear, Kristy is just like an enormous plant. She has vines hidden underground and spreading everywhere. Just when you think you're safe from her, she whips up a vine and coils it around you, squeezing the life out of you, then slamming it down on you until you wish you were dead. Then it rips you apart.

Kristy just decided one day that she didn't like Anna's face, and attacked her promptly. Using her powers, she started ostracizing Anna, giving her glacial treatment. And her groupies naturally started following. It wasn't long before the whole school knew that Anna had somehow offended Kristy. Everyone commiserated with her, but who could side with her in the glare of Kristy's wrath?

Anna's reputation turned to mud. She slept with everyone in school, chain smoked, took drugs and was generally a slut. Then came the second wave. Spiteful acts were brought into the picture. Her textbook-torn apart. Her locker had paint in it-not in the container. Rumors flew around the school, whispering about her.

Finally Anna snapped. She blew apart, throwing everything everywhere and screaming at the top of her voice. Poor little Kristy just stood at one side, pretending to be so frightened by Anna's fit of rage.

I tell you, I was so angry I felt like slapping her there and then.

After that, the doctors came to take a look at her. They said she had been working too hard. They put it down to depression and overworking. I however, knew the true cause of her breakdown. Two words: Kristy Barton.

And that, is how I became involved in the war with the Elite 4. For revenge. For justice. And mostly, for Anna.