I woke up this morning to lies and tongue ties
A little slip of the promotional sense
That ended up going all the way
To two leather straps tied around each of my arms
An indulgence that could not waver
But could be of candor
This conception is subject to opinion
But those who are indulgent don't know which way to when
And end up embracing the old again
Our existence, on the brink of destruction
Gleamed across the horizon...
People are starting to hate me
I may just use gays as the scapegoat
Wives are breeding G.I.s
And the flag is somewhat daunting
I asked a man
What he thought of Baghdad
And he showed me his AK-47
I can see tomorrow's headlines:
Cuba Never got Rid of Their Missiles
And Fox is busy with Bush
I've been painted by you in blue
I'm feeling like anxious America
I'm dividing with vindictive America
Religion has poisoned the Constitution
And Uncle Sam is on my doorstep!