One Bad Workday
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever had one of those days
In which everything doesn't go the way
That you want them to be?

Well,that's exactly what happened to Jimmy
Brolin,who had came to work on Thursday,
The Twenty-Third and figured that nothing
Would cause his whole day to go spinning
Out of control,only to have Herbie Cross call
Him into the office just for some small
Problem with the way he was doing
His job at the local Giant Eagle.

But that was until Herbie discovers a single
Attitude problem he had with a customer
That had caused Jimmy to look for another
Job,because he was fired from Giant Eagle.
But suddenly,everything has finally gone his
Way,for he found a job that he likes at this
One place known as Starbuck's.

Well,here's to the guy who found good luck
After one bad workday unlike this.