(Done For Duck Noir)

You shut the door, I walk away
All I want to do is stay
With you
I slowly slip into the car
And looking up upon the stars
I close my eyes and start the engine
Like a crazy war machine
The engine roars, it is so mean
Eating up all of my pain
I drive on home, such a lonely place
Wishing I could just see your face
Praying I'll be with you again
All I know, it must be true
Cause every time I look at you
My heart starts to race
So I'm standing in the shower
I've been crying here for an hour
I don't' want to cry like this again
When you're not here
The pain in my heart starts to sear
It'll boil up for a while
So one again I'll close my eyes
And I'll contemplate my suicide
Then realize that it's all so stupid
Once again I'll be with you
All I know is that our love is true
To be with you, it is so perfect
All I have to do is wait
And I know that I can tolerate
The distance that separates us.