When I was younger, I was told to write what I know. Well I didn't have anything to write about. Until last night I didn't anyway. Last night was the junior/senior prom. I was invited last week by my friend Robin. And I was sort of excited. I was throwing a party for my dad. He turned fifty on Thursday. Anyway. So in Robin's car there was gonna be: Robin, Nikki, Liz, Drew and myself. I left my dad's party, at a little after four o'clock. I got to Robin's and got my dress and make-up on. Drew got dropped off for pictures. And then we left. We picked up Liz. But she wasn't ready. And she was pregnant.

So we waited on her. At first it was Drew and I, but then Robin joined. We finally left. We then headed over to Nikki's house. We then got on the open road. We arrived in South Bend at about 6 o'clock. The doors didn't open until 8 o'clock. So we went walking to the Marriot. They told us to leave so we went to a small café. Called The Chocolate Café. There I bought Drew, Liz, and Nikki water and I bought Robin and myself a couple of Jones'. Cherry flavored. Yum. Then I bought two sundaes to share with everyone. Chocolate with syrup and whipped cream and cherries. So we guzzled them down and then we sat and waited. At about a quarter after seven, we headed back to Robin's car.

At about a quarter to eight he headed to the door. Drew gave Nikki his coat. She was still shivering. We all were. They finally let us in at 8 o'clock. The College Football Hall Of Fame was a very beautiful place to hold this years prom. The colors were pink and coral. The theme was "Drifting on A Memory" Well there was a memory. All right. Just not a happy one. I've had a crush on Drew for almost a year and a half. And I told him earlier this year but he's like "We'll never be more than friends."

And even though you can be over someone, just a few minutes can bring all those feelings back. And it doesn't help when the boy/girl you like has his/her nose in somebody else. And I spent half of the prom crying. Over Drew. And when Laura Hertal came over to me and said: "No matter what anyone says, you look beautiful and I mean it." She hugged me then. And I knew that I was accepted at my own school for being at the prom. Anyway. After she left I started crying over Drew. Robin, kept going downstairs. And Holly's date, Thomas, kept going with her. Holly was off somewhere else.

Anyway. And I was upstairs. One of my old friends, Amber Curtis, came over to me on her crutches. She's like "Lindsay can we talk." I get up and walk away. I go outside of the room and lean on the railing. Overlooking everything. A few minutes later my freshman friend, Megan came up and joined me. Her date, Christina Thompson, was off with her friends. And Megan was almost crying. We decided to go walking around. Well we ran into Christina and her group which included Drew. I could barely look at him. So we go back upstairs and there Robin is back with Holly, Thomas, and Liz.

Well I sit down and there I start crying. I'm crying like I'm making noise. Tears just run down my cheeks. We decide to round up the troop we brought to leave. So we go downstairs. We find almost everyone. Robin found Drew. She pulled him aside. I'm not sure what she said to him, but the next slow song came on. He came over to me and asked to dance. I rejected him. He went back to Robin shrugging. I caught Robin's eye and tears streaming down mine, I shook my head and ran up the stairs, to the next floor party. There I leaned on the railing, fighting with myself.

Ten minutes later, I went back down. I went back to where I left my shoes, and purse. There Robin, came over and said "Lindsay I'm sorry. I thought you'd like to dance." I rounded on her. "I would've been willing to if it wasn't a pity, dance." And I walked away. I went a little ways, stopped and looked over the railing and sobbed silently. A couple of girls walked past with a guy. They walked down and then they looked up. They waved at me. And ran back up. They were like "This wants to dance with you at the next slow song. Will you dance with him?" I rejected them.

"Why? What's the matter?" They said as I looked at them. My face was still shining with tears. I shook my head. They shrugged and walked off. I looked over to Robin, Holly and Nikki were standing with her. Holly looked over at me and smiled but she noticed the tears and started to walk to me but then she changed her mind. Drew's teacher came up to me and started talking to me. I sort of ignored her. But she patted my arm and left. Then came my worst nightmare. Two of my bestest friends, Katie Holdread and Anna Lehman came up to me.

At first they just danced next to me. Then I grinned and looked at Katie, She noticed the tears. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." "What's wrong?" "Nothing." "What's wrong?" "Nothing." "If you don't tell me I'm gonna keep badgering you until you tell." I refused to tell them. They then grabbed my arms and pulled me to the dance floor. We danced to "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Then we left the floor. We went and joined Liz who was eating. We kept her company. Then she left to go upstairs. Anna left for a few minutes leaving Katie and I. Katie started asking me what was the matter. "Okay. I have a crush on Drew." "Oh really?" And I proceeded to tell her everything.

"Well I'll talk to Drew, I won't like it but I will. For one of my best friends." And then Anna grabbed her arm and pulled her upstairs. Then Robin, Holly, Thomas, and Drew joined me. Drew sat across from me. And Holly and Thomas sat next to me. Robin stood between Drew and Holly and Thomas. "Robin, I've been tryin'" Drew said pointing his head towards me. Robin shrugged and said I don't know. "Even though I'm not supposed to know, I know what he was talkin' 'bout." I said. Everyone laughed.

To make matters worse. Drew's teacher came over and said Drew was riding home with Robin, and I was supposed to have fun. I muttered, Yeah right. We all gathered around and took group pictures. Then we left. And that's The PROM of the night. And maybe my last, and maybe not.