What a wonderfully sweet little child,
The expression on his face so innocent,
The smile playing on his lips so mild,
What irony it be, that he is heaven-sent.

A lovely head of fair locks as cashmere,
A magnificent face with darling cheeks.
One glimpse of him makes stars disappear,
And nature surely quiets when he speaks.

Woe betide me, for this angel I explain,
The noblest cherub in Eden you'll find,
Wielding powers to move a mountain,
Is deadlier than any; and so fatally blind.

His diamond eyes strike us with poison,
Without knowing who they bring ill to,
Or what, without making an exception,
To all of us mortals they so naively do.

Cherub, why would you not spare me?
I begged you so: I have not the strength,
Your bitter arrows will set my soul free
And I will die before my days are spent.

Little angel, why are you so sightless?
What do you sacrifice my happiness for?
Your wounds never heal and never bless,
Your gift curses and leaves us craving more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Sooo. . .do you like it? I got inspired. . .I tried sooo hard not to
write the typical love poem but I guess I've failed appallingly. . .anyway,
I HATE Cupid. . .stupid bitch of a cherub!