Lani (15), Ani(16), Ami(76), Kandi(4), and Mami(17) were driving home from band camp one day when they saw a dead armadillo in the middle of the road.

"Omg! It's a dead deer!" Lani sobbed.

Mami just looked at her like she was, ya know, an idiot. Well, she was. Suddenly.

"Omg! You're right!" Well we now know how lonely their brains must feel inside their heads.

Lani just cried for a while. Mami fell asleep. Then she woke up.

"Omg! Ya know what that reminds me of?" squeaked Kandi excitedly.

"Omg! No!" said Ami.

"Like, omg! This like, totally reminds me of that time when we went to see the president!" squealed Kandi.

(ok, now it'll be play format cuz I'm totally sick of typing so much)

Lani: Omg! Why?

Kandi: Omg! There was like these snipers on the roof! I was like, "Omg! There are snipers on the roof!"

Ami: Wow. Hey! They handed out signs that said like, Bush Cheney 04 on them, ya know!

Ani: Yeah! I was like, who's Bush Cheney? I mean, I totally knew the vice was Dick Cheney, but who was Bush Cheney? Ya know what I mean?

Mami: Omg! Totally! I was wondering too!

They were all so excited with their discussion that they accidentally hit a skunk.

All 5 or 6 or whatever: OMG!