Number One

East and West are important to me
I am constantly followed
Always within vision
Even reflected off of surfaces
I see everything even though I am very distant
My name is spelled in two ways, different meanings
You can always warm up around me
My age is seemingly infinite
Can you guess who I am?

Number 2

I am often a lie
Made up from someone's mind
I cannot move
Except through passing of time
Or when someone moves me
Parts of me are often lost
Due to misunderstandings and feuds
I am not always visible
But I am often heard
Sometimes I am ignored
Others still listen
I exist in history
And am never truly gone
When I am the truth
I'm not always fun
I am hopes, dreams, and your deepest fears
I am used to fight
I am used for peace
People often speak of me
In the many forms I exist
I am always created
What am I?