You think that I don't listen
to anything you ever say
but you throw words at me
and they rip through my heart
like a knife

You think everything you say
goes in one ear and out the other, but it doesn't
I hear every comment you've ever said
playing in my head, over and over again

I do listen
to all the things you yell at me
how stupid you think I am
how I never do anything right
how I am a failure

Don't you understand
all I ever wanted from you is love?
Maybe a hug or a kiss?
Anything to prove you love me

I've tried so hard
to hide these feelings
pretend like you can't hurt me
act like I am numb
to this pain lingering in my heart

But it still hurts
I can fool most people
into thinking I'm fine
but I can never fool myself

I just wish I could please you
I've tried so damn hard
but you'll never love me, will you?
Maybe someday I can forget things feeling
but until then I'll bottle them up

Until someone comes along
Someone I can trust
and maybe she can help me
or least do something you never could
and love me
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