My Requiem

There are so many things
That I'd like to say
But, something inside warns me
To silence my tongue and be still

What is causing this?
There's so many questions
So many silent stares
Doesn't anyone live anymore?

So many things to tell you
But, I can't say the words
The way I feel inside is empty
Do you know what is real?

I wander the streets at night
I softly sing my requiem
The title is your name
The melody - your life

I stare at people I don't know
Wondering what I'm really feeling
Tell me this isn't real
Tell me this is all just a dream

The bitter wind chills my skin
And blows my hair in tangles
Something has to be worth living for
There must be someone somewhere

"The streets aren't meant for pretty ones"
I hear an elderly man say
I smile and continue my journey
I know the road has to end

The city's streetlights call my name
Inviting me to become one with their world
But, something calls me another way
Another path guides me on

I end up home again
I sneak in through my window
Another night has passed away
Another night I remain lost

There are so many words
That I long to say
So many things to tell you
I softly sing my requiem