*Dedicated To My Beloved*

You're the Only One

Each waking moment
Your name is on my lips
Every time the wind blows
I smell your arousing scent
Each time you kiss me
I fall a little further
With every embrace
Time goes a little slower
When you take me out
Life can't be better
When you hold me close
Everything is right
Your voice over the phone
Soothes my troubles always
When you lead me to bed
Anticipation's my name
Every time we make love
Life turns a shade lighter
And when we wake up together
The morning is perfect
When our eyes finally meet
I melt on the spot
We make each other smile
We make each other laugh
How can you be mine?
What did I do?
How can I deserve you?
You're the real find
You're worth the wait
You're the perfect one
But, the way you hold me
The way you bless my life
I can't deny the truth:
You're the only one for me