The Ancion War

Listen close, my children,
As I tell you the story
Of great ancient heroes
And their forgotten glory.
They say that hate
Has a power of its own.
Is this truth, or is it myth?
Its potential is unknown.
But hate found a way
To manifest itself within
One dark and angry creature
Who simply had to win.
His fury was like a serpent,
Ever waiting, ready to strike.
His wrath was like a weapon,
A single deadly cold steel pike.
Suton was this cruel king's name,
And though his rule stretched far and wide,
The crown of great Ancion
Was all that could sate his pride.
And so, locked away in his castle,
He worked and plotted and thought.
For power such as Ancion's
Simply could not be bought.
"We go to war!" Suton cried
As a cheer went up from his force.
And so Suton marched to Ancion.
In his heart, there was no remorse.
With many a cry and clang of sword,
Suton won his heart's desire.
But pride, it comes before the fall,
He had not doused the fire.

For he had forgotten that Ancion
Had a daughter of passionate heart.
Aleya had fled far away
Before Ancion's rule had fallen apart.
Suton reigned for several passings
Until Aleya returned to claim
The power that was hers,
Her father's widespread reign.
She burst into the hall
With fire in her eyes.
And she killed the great, proud Suton
Faster than the angel flies.
And now, my children,
I have told you the story
Of great ancient heroes
And their forgotten glory.