A/N:  This was a silly-type of poem that a friend of mine wanted me to write.  And even though I'm not in a silly mood at all tonight; I wanted to get it down while I was thinking about it.  The mountain referred to in this piece of work, is one that I hiked just recently.  This is unlike my normal works; as I've never attempted a silly poem.  But, if you don't like it- then skip over it.  I hate flamers; and I especially hate those that don't understand, and say shit just to piss the author off.  Thanks.

DISCLAIMER:  My poem; my thoughts.  Simply said.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

Oh, big, giant rock made of dirt and stone

Upon Speckled Mountain

You stand tall, and alone

I dread to climb your rocky face

But indeed it was worth it

One closer reach up to space

An infamous landmark

Up north, in Peru

A hiker's great challenge

Yet a sweet dream come true

The rain brings anew

Cascading tears down your face

In loneliness, you still stand

To keep watch over this place

To lay down on your surface

To gaze to the stars

It seems like one touch

Could let me reach out and feel Mars

A sunrise to christian your gray shade to red

The sun casting it's rays down

The warmth to earth spread

A cool, misty morning

Shadows cast onto thee

A plain of great mystery

Setting all spirits free

Twilight soon greets you

A fond, sunless farewell

Back to loneliness, you return

To your watch, you now dwell

A secret to the stars

In which only you keep

A wind threatens to lull you

Yet you refuse to sleep

Another night seeking

Refuge from your dome

But the mountain calls to you

To find your way home

Dormant on Speckled

You wait by the shore

By the lake, on the mountain

That seals your fate, evermore

Someday I will come back

Decent your great climb

But for now, you're a memory

I will keep for all time

Soon this world will plunder

You'll fall to it's test

Only then may you be set free

And seek your deserved rest…

~And, there you have it, folks. ^.^  And, I know it sounds kind of strange to be writing about a rock; but, when I climbed Speckled Mountain; it was a great deal for me- as this little piece of earth is 100 feet; and you've got nothing to hold onto, except foot, and hand-holds.  And also, it's a great achievement for me; and well; I've grown rather fond of this rock, in a man and nature sense.  3 So, yeah.  It's silly; and it's spiritual. ^.^  Hence the poem.  ^.^  And yeah; sorry if I was harsh back there in my A/N; but, I'm just having an off-night; and well; I don't want anyone flaming me for wanting to be creative with this piece.  Leave me some love, won't you? I'd appreciate it greatly. 3 Thanks!  3