The Dangers of School
There once was a young boy,
Who did tons of school-work.
He tried not to annoy,
Instead he went berserk.
It started out quite slow,
Then the feeling grew fast.
It soon began to show,
Lets just look at his past.
He was slow to anger,
And never got violent.
His voice like a cat's purr,
His actions benevolent.
But today was the end,
He had tried not to frown.
No, he couldn't unbend,
Things would soon be going down.
With a sick evil smile,
He walked up the large stair.
And once in his mom's room,
He took the knife from his hair.
"Dear mother once more, I
Can't do my stupid science.
If you tell me once more, why,
I'll just resort to violence."
With a small muffled scream,
His mom went into shock.
And, as if in a dream,
The boy dropped like a rock.
Soon he roused with some pain,
He tried to move around.
But it looked like some chains,
Were locking him to the ground!
"Let go of me!" was his scream,
But not a soul could hear 'im.
For this was not a dream,
He was locked up in prison.
So be careful, says me
Of the dangers of school
Or you might turn out to be
In someplace not real cool.