Gay, Useless Hobbitses.

In the Lord of the Rings,
There is one special hobbit.
He thinks he is the king,
I wish he would just stop it.

As he screams, "Oh, dear Sam!'
There's only one thing to say.
As he bleats like a lamb,
I think Frodo might be gay.

Legolas has his bow,
And Gimli can axe well.
Nothing Gandalf doesn't know,
And Strider fights pell-mell.

Even Sam has a cause,
He's there to protect Frodo.
But the King (with a pause),
What is it that you do do?

Well, he carries the ring,
Even though Sam carries him.
Oh wait, there is one thing,
He cries on every whim!

As he stands by the orcs,
With flesh flying in globs,
He doesn't shout out retorts,
He just sits down and sobs.

Now you may say that's mean,
"Frodo has a hard life.
He is only eighteen,
And his life's full of strife."

But I say it's bull-shit,
He's just a pampered jerk.
Bilbo would have a fit,
If Frodo did some work.

Now, Frodo ain't alone,
In this story he is ruining.
For he was poorly shown,
By Elija Wood's bad acting.

Did he even go to school,
To be taught how to act?

No, this isn't very cool,
I should learn to get some tact.

But it's true, all so true,
That Frodo is the worst.
Because of what he did do,
The Lord of the Rings is cursed.