He leads me
By the hand
In to the cold
And dark room

We sit on the bed
And he caresses my hand
He says that he loves me
And cant live without me

He promises me the world
That I'll have everything
He kisses me softly
And rubs down my neck

We keep on kissing
Holding each other close
Speaking with no words
But saying I love you with every kiss

His hands start wandering
No doubt trying
To undo my top
But my hands go up to stop

He still kisses me
Stops his hands
We go on kissing
But he wants more

So slowly, he undoes my top
I let him, half playing
Not wanting it to go any
Further with him this night

But he doesn't want to stop
He keeps on kissing rougher now
Hands wandering even further
Pushing me down on the bed

We kiss some more but now
It has to stop he's on top
But my hands push him off
Trying to free myself from his grasp

But hes having none of it
Forcing his weight on me
Kissing me more but his hand
Is wandering further south

I try to push him off, saying stop and no
Again, he holds me
Down with his body
Still kissing, feeling him breathe on me

Hand now undoing my belt
Unzipping my jeans, I struggle and scream no
But he doesn't listen, his lips still on me
His body so heavy

My hands push hard
Saying no so many times
I cannot count
Tears running out my eyes

He rips my panties
And starts undoing his
Own jeans, with much
Success and pleasure it seems

He penetrates, while holding
My hands from freedom, I say no, stop
His pleasure come, but wont listen
Kissing still, trying to be affectionate

Then he lets go
Standing over me
Pulling up his pants
And hearing the fatal zip

He lets me get up
And says nonchalantly
Was it good for you?
With a coy smile

I pull my self together
And leave with tears
And make it back to my dorm
With no life and new fears

I step under the
Steaming shower
With never ending tears a flow
Scrubbing so hard the skin bleeds just to feel some type of clean

Wishing this night would go
Never thinking
Or feeling again
And never heard from this pen

I sit there wet
Erasing this night
Never to live through
This again

He goes back to his
Normal life with me
Never in his sight
God forsake this night

I'll never over come this right
Oh, god forsake this night

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