Well maybe you're not so bad after all,
Your hair is quite long,
Your eyes are so blue,
Don't beat yourself up over this.

But think about Sally!
Her hair is blonde,
She looks like an advert for shampoo.
You don't measure up,
You shouldn't even try,
You'll never be as sleek as she.
And blue eyes tell lies.

But your figure is improving,
In fact one can hardly call it that,
As you don't even have a single curve anymore.
I can count your ribs,
One by one, they tell me,
How many days it's been
Since you last ate.

Liar! Liar!
There's still fat on you,
You're not even close to Janey's weight,
She looks like a stick
With arms and legs,
And you look like a balloon.

I cannot live with you taunting me!
Go from here, and let me be!

You ate all the pies!
You ate all the pies!

Even though they were the first thing you'd had,
In nearly a week.