Innocence, oh why must you leave me?
Naked and ashamed you leave me,
Alone and unloved,
Unloved by him

Innocence, why have you fled?
Fled and left me vulnerable
Vulnerable and naïve
Broken and unloved

Innocence, why were you stolen from me?
Stolen from my hands of purity
Why have I become defiled?
Innocence, why did you let him?

Where was my wall of protection,
When, from my body,
He stole my innocence
And my purity?

How can I become pure again?
Innocence whilst you return to me?
Can I wipe away my defilement?
Can I start again?

As I open a new door
I protect my renewed innocence,
I will not place myself in danger,
I will not let it happen again.

I have learned from past mistakes
And now guard my purity well
You cannot seduce my innocence
For my heart I will not sell.