Where Were You?

By: Sang Yu Nung

Act I

Scene I: Come Away With Me


{ It is the year 2004 and a gorgeous teenage male is lying on a twin sized bed relaxing and listening to "Sweet Home Alabama". He wears jeans and a t-shirt. Not tired, he doesn't want to go to bed, but it is far too late for him to go out and make plans. Midnight dark hair frames his face with loose waves reaching to an inch above his shoulders. Intelligent eyes of light brown eyes stare up at the ceiling as he ponders over things only the brilliant can think of. His gaze shifts around his room.

The room has a wooden floor and an exercise machine next to the bed. A few pieces of his own artwork, created from his pure genius, are scattered around. Outside the window is complete darkness for it's the dead of night.

The music stops in the middle of the song, and he sits up, clearly puzzling over why the music stopped. He gets up and approaches the stereo noticing that it is still plugged in. Popping open the CD compartment, the CD is not scratched. He cautiously walks back to his bed and hesitantly sits down. }

(Cue: Knock on the window)

He looks to his window and sees no one there, but as he turns to leave, there is another knock.

VOICE: Let me in.

BOY: (to himself) I know that voice… But why? What's the reason for this?

VOICE: (demandingly) I know you're there. I have important business… Let me in.

(Cue: Boy opens the window)

(Cue: Girl enters through window, carefully closing it behind her)

{She has long straight back hair that falls to her waist. She wears jeans, a dance team tank top, and a dance team jacket. Her face is somber and she has dark circles under her eyes, making her look weary and somber, but her hair is pulled back tightly meaning that she's there for business.}

GIRL: Thank you. Now we have important matters to discuss.

BOY: Okay… But I don't understand. Why are you here in the middle of the night?

GIRL: I am here to prove a case. So tell me… Where were you just last night?

BOY: (impatiently) Stop kidding around. But really… What do you really want?

GIRL: (exasperatedly) *I* am the one asking questions. I would hate to tell the court you are uncooperative. Now I will ask you *one more time*… Where were you last night?

BOY: (in a frustrated tone) Okay, fine. I'll play along for now, but later you'll have to answer to me. I was at our high school football game with some of the guys. I saw you dancing and I said 'hi', remember? I watched the game, and then watched you dancing at half time with the dance team. A couple minutes after the second quarter I saw you come up into the stands to talk to your other friends and after you left, us guys decided to go over to Mike's house.

GIRL: (coldly) And who were *all* of the people that were going to Mike's? Because it wasn't just *you guys*, now was it?

BOY: (still frustrated) What does it matter? So maybe there were some girls, too.

(Cue: Girl pace around by with arms crossed while talking.)

GIRL: (righteously) What do you mean what does it matter? If it was just you guys that decided to go to Mike's house… That would be a lie. If it was you guys and the girls who were going to Mike's house… That would be the truth. One detail is the difference between a lie and the truth. What more of a difference could you want?

BOY: So if you *know* where I was, then *why* are you asking me? This is quite pointless. I don't understand what you're trying to prove.

GIRL: (slowly) I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to prove… I need some more answers first. You're guilty either way… (voice carries aloofness) But if you didn't mean to, the court may decide not to punish you.

BOY: (impatiently) So what am I guilty of!? I didn't do anything wrong!

GIRL: Who are you trying to convince? Me… Or yourself?

(Cue: Girl raises an eyebrow questioningly)

BOY: I'm telling *you*. (regaining calm) But you still haven't told me what I did wrong.

GIRL: (coolly) Oh… right… You are the prime suspect of a murder.

BOY: (disbelieving) What!? (sarcastically) Oh wait. I forgot; I am a murderer. I only killed three this week instead of my usual one a day.

GIRL: (distraught) This is no joking matter. You are accused of murder.

BOY: Of whom?

GIRL: (with finality) Of me.

BOY: (sarcastically) Yep, that's right. You sure look dead to me.

GIRL: Seriously. I am dead. Will you come with me?

BOY: … I guess so. But where will you take me?

GIRL: Come away with me to revisit last night. We'll find out where *you* really were.

(Cue: Girl offers her hand)

(Cue: Boy takes her hand)

(Cue: Fade to black)