I was requested to share this story with you.

Bill The Last Teddy Gram

It was a Thursday; lunch time and in my lunch was packed a little bag
of teddy grams. My friends where helping theirselves to my teddy grams as they
normally do with my lunch, while I was pulling off the heads of some of them and
flicking them at Ben. Well it didn't take long till we (I) got to the last Teddy gram.
Now being the person I am, I need atention and to get attention I will do something
out of the ordinary. So I took this Teddy Gram and silenced the group. Then I started
my public anouncement. I stood this Teddy gram on top of my lunch pail and
proclaimed that his name was Bill and that he was being put to death for an ap-
palling crime. I was the judge who carried out the sentence and my friend Cherry
was my appointer. I asked Cherry how we should kill Bill. She said that we should
tear Bill's limbs from his body. So I asked the court what body part shall go first
and the decision was the legs. The legs where chosen so that he could still feel,
see, and hear his judgement being carried out. So I made little screaming noises
and tore Bill's left leg from his little gram cracker tasting body, and gave the floater
the leg to consume. The the same happened as the right leg was torn from his body,
and that was handed to Carly. Next I asked for the next body part to be removed,
this time it would be the arms. The arms were pulled from his little body and given
to Heather and Ben. The next to go would be the ears. The ears were given to Lara
and Cherry. Bill was in agony and so to put him to death I pulled his head from
his body and gave the body to Cherry. I then raised his head high and said "Let
this be a lesson to all crimes done by Teddy Grams." I then scratched out his eyes
and ate his head. Lunch then went back to normal and I went on to eat my pudding.


This is dedicated to Dark Phoenix