I cannot stand idly by in this place
Of consuming Darkness and fallen Grace
And watch those who deserve to fly
Wither away in tormented silence and die

I cannot save them
I cannot even save myself
But I can try

It tears at my soul inside
A pain I don't even bother to hide
People suffering when I want to help them see
All the Hope that they could feel, Hope that lives inside of me

And yet still they flounder here
Enveloped in pain and fear
Like blankets smothering their minds
Amongst the ashes of their Humanity they cannot find
The strength to carry on

So I reach out my hand again
Lost and breaking inside I wonder when
I will ever be able to actually help them heal
To help tear this Darkness away from them and let them feel
The Light again

I cannot save them
I cannot even save myself
But I can try

And in the inky abyss of the night of the world
I see the lost lying in their graves
Whispering to themselves it's too late to be saved
I whisper back the sun is going to rise again
All they have to do is believe in
The coming of the dawn

Pain betrays our minds and has its way
Dark whispers tell us it will always stay

It is only a passing storm
You don't have to fight forever against the rain
All you have to do is remember that the sun will shine again
All you have to do is weather the pain
All you have to do is have faith

This is my hand reaching out to you
This is my desire to see hope in your eyes
This is my pain, my storm
And it visits me often