1. The heavens above cannot contain
my grief at causing loved ones pain.

2. I cannot undo the wrong I've done;
the injury outlives the thoughtless one.

3. Lies like acid burn the tongue;
when it leaves the mouth, the damage is done.

4. Love's arrow pierces the heart;
destroys all it touches, death is it's art.

5. Lust consumes the flesh it defiles,
love is defeated, Satan smiles.

6. Of all the filthy things I hate,
I feature first myself as of late.

7. The darkest places can't compare,
to the black of my heart, I'm now aware.

8. There isn't any way to fashion
a way to excuse my lack of compassion.

9. I hate, I hate, I hate,
to remember those I bate.

10. I cannot overcome my past;
it follows me until the last.

11. Love nurtures, but only the free;
obsession imprisons, the prisoner is me.

12. Failure, failure. To fail is my lot.
I've failed those I love, forgiven I'm not.

13. My mother alone, no one to protect her;
I should have gone home, but chose to neglect her.

14. Each life on earth is a priceless treasure.
The ones I've ended I cannot measure.

15. To destroy without thinking;
I must have been drinking.

16. The soul teaches what the heart didn't know;
the man reaches; the monster's struck low.

17. Again and again he botches the choice;
to suffer in silence, to give passion voice.

18. Passion is blind;
unthinking, unkind.

19. Poisonous anger
puts loved ones in danger.

20. Taking. Having. Still wanting.
So many times, but who's counting?

21. No matter how hard I strive;
I'll never be good, much less alive.

22. A soul can't repair;
after rage fuels despair.

23. An ocean of blood;
I drown in the flood.

24. Arrogance will tell;
ignorance is hell.

25. To my death I plunge,
Alone, left, undone.