Reaching out to me,
I see your hand
Glowing golden with divinity,
Your voice like silver ringing bells
As you call out to me.

Better to light a candle,
Then to curse the darkness.
I am drowning in the night
But your light is my candle,
Showing me a way out.

I struggle against the crashing black tide,
Reach out to you
My dark fingers inches from your glowing hand,
I still hear you calling me, begging me to let you help
I scream, I cry
As I fall into darkness again.

Firm fingers grip my wrist
Dragging me out of the never ending sea,
Pulling me out and embracing me
Your body of light,
Your golden soul spills over me,
Your wings of love enclose me,
And as you hold me
I know
The darkness can hurt me
No more.