Auto response from Lisette Jester: Just because I talk to you does not mean I want a response, Psyckalla. Now go tend to your goldfish, you naughty child.
Psyckalla: you know, i wanna see if i can get into an english college Psyckalla: i'll be the filty american, but hopefully they'll learn to look past that Lisette Jester: lmao. Dork, don't be so sure you're just filthy to them. Be polite and you'll find out how filthy they are Psyckalla: i think i'll marry an english man and find out Lisette Jester: you do that. Lisette Jester: *sends Elliot to her* Psyckalla: oh god! I want a man not a priss! Psyckalla: *sniff* Elliot: priss? Elliot: I resent that remark! Elliot: *mutters under his breath* teenage bitch. Psyckalla: *blows raspberry* suck it up, babe Psyckalla: might toughen your skin Psyckalla: oh, but can i keep elliot anyway Psyckalla: he'd make a wonderful pet! Elliot: why would you toughen my skin. It takes Olay moisturizer to. wait, I would not make a good pet! Psyckalla: and he's so funny! Elliot: what are you... Psyckalla: can alik come as a bonus? Wlliot: How dare you. Psyckalla: W ... ? Elliot: E is next to W. She does it all the time. I used to think my name was Wlliot. Psyckalla: lol Elliot: typographical error, my dear. As I shall assume that remark about keeping me as a pet was. Psyckalla: sorry sweet thang but no. i could just cuddle you right now. Elliot stares a moment*:Strange sad little girl... Psyckalla: *blows raspberry* speak for yourself. you didn't get laid until you became legal! Psyckalla: *frowns and mutters* i'm talking to a bloody character

later: Elliot:Um. Lisette. I've been thinking about dear Psyckalla's earlier remark about. my state of virginity and I. *a thoughtful moment* Lisette, may I have a re-write? Lisette Jester: sure Elliot, What ever you want, sweetie. Psyckalla: uh uh! Elliot: thank you, darling. Psyckalla: finish the current one! Psyckalla: sycophant Elliot: I'm still just a half-baked, my dear little girl. And who are you calling a sycophant? Me or my creator? Elliot: because she's bound to take offence. Psyckalla: elliot Psyckalla: you Psyckalla: well, that's altogether confusing Elliot: how so? Lisette Jester: So now Elliot is going to be seduced at the age of fifteen into a life of crime... Elliot: good-o. Psyckalla: roflmao, well, now we have pedophilia Lisette Jester: And why not! The relationship will steadily disintegrate into a pathetic dependency disorder and the Butch's further abuse and disinterest as Elliot grows. Elliot: oh damn! Elliot: I don't like that. Lisette Jester: Deal. Psyckalla: *hugs Elliot* aw, don't be sad, poopsie, you get to end up with a big guy that's the stuff of dreams meanwhile others get pathetic geeks Elliot: That's what you think. She'll probably have Alik die or something. Lisette Jester: Yeah, your life sucks doesn't it? Elliot: Uncontestebly. Lisette Jester: You want real misery? Go talk to the character's from Absinthe Desire. They know what it's really like to have a sadist for an author. You're just cute.

Psyckalla: let's shake ourselve's off and laugh at elliot's campiness! Psyckalla: I CAN DRINK IN ENGLAND AT THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN AND FUCK THIRTY FIVE YEAR OLD GUYS AT THE AGE OF SIXTEEN Psyckalla: LEGALLY Elliot:thus why I am only 15 when seduced from the path of righteousness. Psyckalla: roflmao. you poor critter Elliot: I'm beginning to like the idea. Psyckalla: so alone that even at fifteen you do stupid things Psyckalla: Cazzie, can you have your little boy popping a boner everytime a guy walks by? no matter if he's cute or not? Psyckalla: oh, please Lisette Jester: Yes! Lol, yes! Elliot: No! Elliot: I hate your friends, Lisette. Lisette Jester: Yup. Elliot: I'd like more response to that. And I am not campy! Psyckalla: that's not an argument you wanna try. rofl Elliot: Lisette *whines* *and campily* Psyckalla: lol Elliot: this isn't fair! I'm being misrepresented! Alik: I think you're cute when you're campy. Elliot: really? Oh... all right then. I suppose I can be a little campy for Alik. Psyckalla: oh, look Psyckalla: you're already changing yourself so that your lover won't leave either that or you just want an excuse for a losing battle Psyckalla: *sniff* funny, i like to think of myself as nice Elliot: bitch Alik: Well you are campy. He's trying to hide it. Elliot: with style and grace. And not chopping you're head off Psyckalla: did you ever see the Princess Diaries? ALL LISETTE'S PERSONALITIES: *scoff* No Psyckalla: I can so see mia's grandmother saying 'with style and grace' Elliot: typically British saying Lisette Jester: Damnit!!!! Psyckalla: i don't see a man (other than Elliot) saying it Psyckalla: hmm? Elliot: Fuck you! Lisette Jester: An episode I really want to see of my favorite show is on when I'm working. Whaaaaaaa Elliot: drama queen. Lisette Jester: I get it from you. Psyckalla: teen titans? Lisette Jester: yeah...*Sniffle* Psyckalla: oh, gosh you poor thing Lisette Jester: shut up Lisette Jester: I hate you Lisette Jester: and Elliot hates you. Elliot: well, obviously. Psyckalla: not surprising, he brings out the worst in me Lisette Jester: And Alik... never mind. he's sort of lackluster and ambivalent about you right now. Elliot: if he wants willing sex he'd better say he hates her. Psyckalla: elliot! Alik: who says I like it willing from you? Lisette Jester: Ouch. That was mean. where can I use it. Psyckalla: oh.UNDER-AGED GIRL SITTING RIGHT OVER THERE Psyckalla: I MEAN ... HERE Elliot: she obviously has no sympathy for us Lisette. Psyckalla: we've already established that I'm a bitch Alik: I have no sympathy for any of this. Elliot: You have no sympathy for any body. Lisette Jester: Actually, he's a very sympathy driven character; he just pretends that he's feeling different than the way he acts to compensate for emotional insecurities. Psyckalla: *blink* *Alik glances about* Alik: uhhh. okay. Psyckalla: the insecurity of whether he should crush a guy's skull with his bare hands or kick his head straight off? Elliot: Or he's just lead by his dick? Lisette Jester: that too. But his primary motivation is his desire to see justice achieved. Elliot: Really, how utterly fascinating! And all this time I thought he was motivated by his goal of isolation. You know build the outpost and live therein all alone with no one to bother him permanently. Lisette Jester: Well, that was part of his psychology. Alik: I think I should stay out of this one. Psyckalla: lol Lisette Jester: By the way K, this is going to be my bloopers page. Psyckalla: and thus the whole world shall know that I'm a bitch. Yay.

Lisette Jester: So how should Elliot be kidnapped first Psyckalla: stuffed in a bag Lisette Jester: lol I like that. Thanks Elliot: I don't want to be stuffed in a bag. Greg: Where do I find a bag that big? Alik: Elliot's pretty small I'll loan you one. Greg: Thanks. Psyckalla: rofl Elliot: Wait... Alik's in on this. Alik: A sort of behind the scenes thing. Elliot: oh... Wait a minute! That's not fair. I'm not involved behind the scenes at all. Psyckalla: lol Lisette Jester: That's because you're the narrator. You're never behind the scenes. Elliot: oh... That still isn't fair. Lisette Jester: Goodnight, K. *Jester bows*

Elliot: Oh goodie it's mailbag time!
Alik: Lisette, I thought you said you weren't going to let him do this anymore.
Lisette Jester: I lied.
Alik: What kind of author are you! Lying to your creations.
Lisette Jester: Oh, get over yourself; I lie to Elliot all the time.
Elliot: Oh certainly she does. Look Alik, someone named Taylor A. Raine says they like me! Isn't that positively smashing! And it's a jolly good story, too! Thank you Taylor A. Raine.
Alik: Make him stop, Lisette!
Lisette Jester: I promised I'd give him access to the review page if he cooperated with me and narrated the ending right.
Alik What was he doing wrong?
Lisette Jester: Um. He cut the story short and he didn't want to talk about Greg.
Alik: Greg? What about Greg?
Elliot: From Gabrielle Falcon: Mou... Mou? What in the blazes is "Mou"? Oh well, thanks for being such a desperately dedicated reviewer.
Lisette Jester: Elliot be nice to the reviewers. We want them to come back.
Elliot: Pft, I'm going to be retired what do I can about the success of your other creations.
Alik: You wanna tell me what he doesn't wanna tell me about this Greg character?
Lisette Jester: Elliot, do you want to handle this one?
Elliot: "is that going to develop into anything? because if it is, i feel sorry for alik and if not, i feel sorry for greg. and that was a shock. greg? come on, he hid that pretty well." From that Flacon fellow again. Wait Lisette, this isn't a valid review.
Lisette Jesster: That's an excellent review.
Elliot: But it doesn't have any mindless praise. and it doesn't say how cute I am. How is that valid.
Alik: What is that "that" that might develop into something.
Elliot: Oh, nothing darling, just a close encounter with Greg, that's all. Nothing to get excited over.
Alik: wait. so you fucked the Greg character?
Elliot: not quite.
Alik: Damnit. all that work on secret cameras for nothing.
Elliot: *mail droops * come again.
Alik: I haven't come for three pages because you're withholding sex until I admit that the sweet little girl in N.Y. is a bitch.
Elliot: *pouts * You like her more than me.
Alik: So? You like Greg more than me.
Elliot: That's not true..
Alik: "the man's sweet hazel eyes, staring back at me with such a warm and adoring smile made my mind flutter away." "I grinned still a bit distracted by his honeyed smile" "sympathetic as only true gentlemen can be" and a whole bunch of other shit.
Elliot: Oh, get over it. Greg is with Chris now.
Alik: What? You mean somebody can handle that little bastard's chirping?
Elliot: Apparently he's a screamer too. And good at deep throating.
Alik: *ropes and arm about Elliot *I like moaners who are good at deep throating.
Elliot: Sniff. I love you too Alik. *A tender moment passes * Now let's go watch the hidden camera you set up in Chris's room.
Alik: okay.

*Lisette sits besides Elliot with a check list in hand. *
Lisette Jester: Thanks to reviewers.
Elliot: Well, there's probably more people you ought to show your undying gratitude for. say everyone who reviewed. but
Lisette Jester: Please limit your responses to 'Check' and 'No check"
Elliot: *mumbles * Check
Lisette Jester: Additional plot snippet.
Elliot: Check.
Lisette Jester: Element of humor.
Elliot: Double Check.
Lisette Jester: Shameless Plugging.
Elliot: um. * flips through notes *
Lisette Jester: I didn't shamelessly Plug them yet?
Elliot: Apparently not.
Lisette nods gravely: I'd like you to leave now, Elliot. It's been a swell time and nice to work with you. but now I need to be alone with the reviewers.
Elliot: But I can't possibly leave you to beg in private.
Lisette Jester: I'm not going to beg.
Elliot: Right, shameless plugging is more like prostitution isn't it.
Lisette Jester: It's not to late for another chapter where you get accidentally castrated.
Elliot: Ta Ta everyone! It's been lovely entertaining you! *scampers away *
Lisette Jester: Wow. everything seems less funny all of a sudden. Anyways, projects to look for from Da Jester. I'm re-work the train-wreck. I mean Train Ride story. It will soon be reposted as "For the best". If you like my typical angsty, domination, brain fuck stories you'll like this one. More current is my "Halloween present to Slash reviewers." That's going to be a (hopefully) three-story event, which I started writing today and will finish tomorrow. The first story is up for your viewing enjoyment. Stay tuned for the other two. Both of which are mindless one shots about m/m sex.
In summation: Go forth and review!