I was perched upon the windowsill, tranquilly leaning my head against the warm glass, regarding the world through slitted eyes.
"Oh no you don't," Tisha scolded. I jumped, and she closed the blinds.
"Ooh," I moaned.
"What, do you want to get sunburned?"
"No." A single word. Incapable of accurately conveying my thoughts. No. I did not wish to be sunburned. But I wanted to glory in the warmth of the sun against my comparatively cool body. I wanted to absorb the light and reflect it back again a thousand fold. I wanted to replace my faults with light, pure light, gloriously warm light. But with a single pull of the string the blinds fell shut and I was cut off from the sun. For a moment I could still feel its warmth. For an instant more I was reflecting light. But the moment passed and I was returned to my fallible mortal shell, lightless, cold, and empty. I sighed, and turned my attention to English class. But how to be satisfied with mere English when I could once again transcend myself and be more than I am?