No Goodbyes

Weighing heavy on my head

Is the pain of every day

I try to run from it

But there is no way

No escape from fate

Believe me I've tried

It has an unblinking eye

There's nowhere for me to hide

Born under a bad star

There is no redemption

I live waiting to die

To be damned without question

I drown in my tears

My screams of agony

But they all tune it out

No one can hear me

Even if they could

Would they try to save me?

To pull my soul

From the burning eternity

They see what they want

Through their screened vision

They pass me without knowing

They strengthen the division

To merely look upon me

Is to commit unspeakable sin

So I am cast out, separated

From the world within

To live as me

Who the world forgot

A wandering soul

Fulfilled, I am not

If I was to leave,

I would leave no hole

The world would go on

With no goodbyes to Nicole