Jem's POV (Point of View)

"Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out," the thought ran through my head over and over again as I stepped into the already busy hallway of Eternal College: "A Special Place for the Talented." "In other words: a school for the extremely rich or the extremely smart; rich people or geeks, or both at the same time." I'm a special case though; I got in through "special premises", and NO-ONE is going to know what that is.

"I'm going to suffocate if in 10 seconds I don't get my personal space back" I thought angrily as I was sandwiched between the buzz of "geez-I'd- better-get-to-school-early-like-a-good-student." with their heavy books in their arms. What kind of people get to school like 2 hours early? Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but still, this early. I think. I avoided looking at people, with my "dark and mysterious" eyes. My mom told me that. It's because they change colours in and out of the sun. In the sun they sparkle a light brown colour, like my skin, slightly tinged, my friends say. But in the dark, they turn a dark brown, almost blue sometimes. Like my hair. No not blue, the dark brown. And you can really tell because of my no-rim glasses that I have. I'm not blind, no, that's not my special premise if that's what you're thinking. I'm just a little short sighted.

Blindly, somehow, I found the big sign over my head telling me where I'm supposed to be now..shit.I mean 15 minutes ago. No wonder it seemed like everyone was at school already. Darn, 1st day and I'm late with an appointment with the principle. Ha, there goes my idea of being a model student this year. The door opened while I was still deep in thought and stern looking women looked at me over her thick, black, glasses. I looked up at her; I'm not that short am I? 5 foot 5 and a half, pretty good I'd say for a girl who doesn't have any goals in life. She didn't have to look over her glasses, my dad once told me never, never to look at someone over the top of your glasses because that makes you look old. Ha, maybe he's right for once. She was like in what, her late 30's, probably 40's but she looked like a hag of the 60's with all her baggy wrinkles, tight black bun and painted face. Ok, this time I'm not exaggerating, her face is like a doll's, orange base (too much foundation lady), purple, of all colours, eye shadow that didn't go with her rose coloured lipstick. Her whole face didn't go with her tartan jacket with a brown turtle neck jumper underneath and matching tartan work dress and.Oh my..knee high black boots. Tut tut, she needs a make over. And she looks like she's hot. I mean, I've turned up in my light weight demin pants with a singlet top and I'm already boiling. Maybe because of me "mingling" in the crowd just then but. I don't know.

"I suppose your Jemica-Louise Falcon, right?" Brr.she talks like one of those stuck up rich ladies that you find drinking earl grey tea and eating scones. Not that I have any thing against English ladies, just, coming out of her mouth it sounds weird. Not that it should, I mean this is a school with a reputation for the money it makes in like a month.

"When you have finished inspecting me Miss. Falcon, you can come it to meet Mr. Prickly, and if you haven't noticed, your late, classes start in.." she checked her watch and I noticed it was the latest Guess titanium watch. She has taste in watches at least. ".15 minutes, now come with me" she continued and with a click of her heel she walked into the office.

I just realized that I was staring at her like a gold fish, that's why she said "when you have finished inspecting me". No-wonder it didn't make sense to me at first. I blinked a few times and cleared my thoughts. Then I walked in to the office.

Damien's POV

Damm.late for class again, 3rd time this week. I thought as I ran as fast as I can, passing the school gates and into the main hall, nearly there, shit..the Main Office door opened. It's in my way.stop running, stop, STOP! BAM too late.I hit into something and fell to the floor. Oww.I rubbed my hand where I hit the ground with. It's a bit sore from the compact of hitting the floor, WITH all my weight on it. I was going to throw an insult at what ever I hit, probably one of those "Principle Prickly, I love you" students in this school. I chuckled, why in the world would people suck up to the PRINCIPLE? I sighed; I'll never learn the brain of those who live in the world of numbers and.well, numbers.

"Watch where you're going next time would you? You're going to be one of those dangerous drivers who hit and run. I can see it already now." A light hearted voice said. Seems like who ever it is bet me to my insults, though she said it as if she was saying the answer to a joke. I looked up and met the eyes of the owner of the voice. Wow! Her brown eyes practically sparkled! And they matched her hair too! What are you thinking Damien; shut don't even know who it is. I shook my head and cleared my thoughts. I checked my watch, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! I'm a whole 15 minutes late; Mrs. Harrison's NOT going to forgive me. I picked up my things and ran as fast as I could and then around the corner. As I was running I hear the same voice say behind me,

"Don't I even deserve a "sorry I hit you, it's my fault" or something similar? Just cause you people are rich, doesn't mean you can be rude" except this time, it was angry, not light hearted.

Woops.I suppose I'll apologize later.

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