Jem's POV

I stared at the teacher in front of me, my eyebrows raised up so high that I'm sure that they're now hidden behind my fringe.

She stared at me, unblinking.

Kinda freaky really.

Is this some kind of a joke cus I can tell you now, it's so not funny women, I thought harshly. A good humored laughed sounded out from the door and I turned to face the owner of the voice and if I was with a weak heart (which I doNOT), I'd die of shock. Well its not really a shock, I mean he wasn't bad looking or anything, it was just his hair that caught my attention. The guy standing at the door had a dark, electric blue hair cut into messily but some-what still good looking. That's so cool!!

"I know" the boy said with a huge grin.

Shit, I didn't say that out loud did I? The boy leaned against the door frame and nodded. I contorted my face in disbelief and wonder. He can read my mind??

The boy laughed out loud, swiping his blue hair away from his face, "No, I'm not reading your mind; you just seem to have a tendency to think out loud."

I immediately flushed. Shit.

"Ahem" I swung around rapidly to once again face the teacher. I had totally forgot about her! Ha! Sucked in, un-memorable women!

"Its recess now and I'm sure your friend would show you where to sit." With that, the lady got up and walked out the door, passing blue hair kid.

He tilted his head and raised his brows.

"What?" I asked a bit rudely, I mentally bashed myself right when it left my mouth. The boy laughed again and once again, just stood there staring at me with a little grin on his mouth. Well if he wants to stare, I'll stare too; plus I can check him out on the way.

The boy had, apart from the obvious blue hair, dark brown eyes. He was tall, I'd guess about 5'9, close to 6 foot; and I can tell, very lean. Hmm… an athlete. Nice. Thinking about it, he's not bad looking wearing the white with red and blue striped school jersey and a pair of dark, blue, dusty jeans.

The boys mouth quirked up into a bigger smile and pushed off the door frame. He nodded his head once and spun on his foot to leave.

"Oi! I thought you were going to "show me" where to sit" I yelled quickly afterwards. I mentally bashed myself again. What was with me today? I was being so rude.

The boy turned around, smiled and nodded towards the windows, "See?" he said in a smooth voice.

Ohhhhh……right. So we sit outside in this school. I crossed my arms and nodded in approval. It was a nice lawn with trees for shade.......

"Cya, Jem"

What? I turned around and found the boy gone. Well that was RUDE.I mean 1) he didn't show me the way outas instructed and 2)he didn't even leave a name.

Well….alright, it makes us even seeing that I said quite a lot of rude things. I shrugged ( I know, it's bad habit, I have to stop!!) and got my food and left. Humph!


Great, a giant hallway with no sign whatsoever to tell me how to get out to the golden, sun bathed haven outside. I pursed my lips and nodded. Fine, be that way then, I'll find my own way out, like I need your help, I glared at the stupidness of the lack of signs.

I only got to walk about 5 steps when a hand grabbed my elbow and spun me back, right into another person.

Yeah. SMACK! You can say that again. I think, due to my clumsiness and lack of balance was the reason for me to fall. Hard. I groaned. Not again! This is the second time today in like 2 hours. Not my record, but still bad.

"OH! I'm so sorry. I came back to find you as fast as I could, after I got my recess but you left the classroom and then I saw you so I…..well…..I think you know what happened." Said the girl whom I bumped into. She had her head hung in shame and her hands withering around her apple.

She was the girl I sat next to in my previous class. She was short, about up to my shoulders only and had shoulder length brown hair, braces and huge eyes. She had this nervous smile on her lips and was looking at me like a wounded puppy.

OHHHHH!!!!! (I have a thing for cute animals, as if who doesn't???)

I smiled and said "Nah, it's ok, I'm just clumsy, I fall down all the time, I can't blame everything just cus I fall now can I?"

The girl jumped right back into a humongous smile and gave me a hand to help me up.

"I'm Caitlin by the way, Caitlin Brown-Moon"

I couldn't help but grin at that name

"I know, my last name, you can laugh out loud, I don't really care, I find it funny every time some one says it out loud! It's a combination of my parents, fathers was Brown, mom's was Moon, so I got stuck with Brown-Moon" she laughed, catching my suppressed laugh.

I bursted.


"Glad you like it, wanna come outside?" she said, laughing with me.

I nodded and we walked out through mazes and mazes of hallways. I tried to memorize it so I would know my way back.

Ok, right, here, left turn at this window, left here, right next to the notice board and…..wait, that was actually left, so now, OH crap, I missed two turns…..crud!!!

"Its ok, I'll show you the way later, it takes a while to get used to but you know." Caitlin laughed at my super confused and annoyed look. I shot a grateful smile and let out an exaggerated breathe. "Phew! Great, I got my self a guide!" I cried looping my arms with hers.

"Lets hope she's good enough, eh?" She grinned.

I grinned.

"Lets see if you can survive me!" I wiggled my eye brown and attached myself to Caitlin. "Congratulations, you have just obtained a Jem. She wont be letting go now. She's a type of parasite. Mm-hmmm!"

And, we spontaneously combusted. Well, ok, not really, we just burst out laughing really hard. I like her, even though she's reasonably smaller than me, she sends out this huge aura that reminds me of smiley faces and sunshine.

"Thanks! Spontaneously Combusted! I don't think anyone thinks that way" she cried in-between her laughs

"Oh-no! I didn't just say all that out loud too did I?" I wailed! Caitlin was laughing so hard, she was clutching her stomach.

"Fine!" I cried and lifted my hands up in the air, "Why me oh dear lord," I cried dramatically, looking up at the ceiling, "Why curse me with this stupidness? Why oh why?"

Caitlin couldn't stop herself laughing that she was on the verge of tears and gasping for air. I couldn't help but grin either, like I said, I like this girl!

I sighed loudly and Caitlin turned to look at me.

I stopped and looked at her seriously in the eye, not smiling (its really hard! Geez, try it sometime, I mean your laughing your head off then you switch immediately to great seriousness). She looked at me, her smile dropping a little and her eyes shifted uncertainly.

I squinted my eyes and pretended to inspect her. Then I tapped her on the head and said in an over-exaggerated, English accent:

"I can see that this is a start of a wonderful friendship, eh?" I said with an eyebrow up, nudging her with my elbow; suppressing my own laughter that was waiting to burst out.

Caitlin gasped at realization that I just pulled her strings and put a hand on her cheek.

"NO! You can't be serious!" she said sarcastically and we both laughed our heads off out the building.

We were walking slowly to where I think Caitlin's group was and made idle chat on the way. We had both stopped laughing hysterically but still hadn't stopped grinning.

"Wow, there're so many different groups of people here!" I said with eyes wide.

Caitlin smiled at me and rolled her eyes. I have a tendency to over-dramatize my words, I shrugged, so what?

"Yeah, there are I guess," she said smiling, looking around at all the different people. "I guess I should point you out the "groups" as you call them to you, so you know what to expect from them." I nodded and jumped up and down happily and shook her arm.

"Oh yes please, mama, please tell me a story!" I cried in a childish voice, once again making her laugh.

"Oh god! I think I'm going to have major tummy workouts this year!" she laughed and I grinned and swung myself side to side like a little girl showing off her new dress.

"Aww shucks!"

"Alright," Caitlin continued after she got her breath back, "See there in the sun? The girls and guys sitting there are your typical jocks and stereotyped "popular" group. Their not too nasty, they tend to keep themselves to themselves so you don't have to worry about them too much." I nodded in affirmative and glanced at them. They were all beautiful, no doubts about it, although not all the girls were sticky thin, some where quite built. They were all tanned and the guys all were very well built and from judging how long their legs are, very tall.

"Kay, see over there," my guide pointed to a wide angle around the popular group and some quite far way, "they are all the people that are like the middle class people. They are generally well liked by alland known, so yea."

I nodded again looking over all the smiling faces in the area she pointed to.

"Here's where my group and some others fit in, we're not the middle people, but we're not the, s'cuse my language, low people either. We're just there, some know us, some don't and if they don't, they don't bother us so we're pretty much kept alone." She pointed to some groups under the trees. Many people waved when they saw us and I could see many people smiling and nodding towards us.

"But we're not really left too much alone, see over there on the sides of the building and those around there? Their like those that aren't so popular but aren't the stereotypical unpopular people. Their more the mysterious people, we don't know much about them and I'm sure they don't know much about us. And erase all I said before about groups keeping themselves to themselves because those guys really do. I mean, if you don't personally go up to them and say 'hi' a few times, they don't acknowledge your existence. Their nice, don't get me wrong, but they tend to like to not bother about things that happen outside their little circle of friends."

I smiled at her, " You tend to make everyone sound nice don't you?"

Caitlin smiled shyly at me, "Well, I sorta know them all, and I don't think there bad so…..yea." I laughed at her humbleness and shook my head. I took her arm and looked at the group of people she was talking about. I immediately spotted blue hair. I squinted……that seems familiar. Hmmm. OH RIGHT! Blue hair kid from last lesson. Hehehe…..I have a terrible memory and a tendency to forget most things that I don't find important.

"Ok, last group of people are over there," Caitlin continued to walk and talk, pointing towards about 2, 3 groups of people hiding near another building that was completely coved in shade, "their what many call the "rejects", the misfits, odd ones etc. They all group together and sorta have an evil eye for everyone they don't know. I'll give you a bit of advice. Never approach them all as a group at first by yourself, its better to meet one them one at a time, their nicer that way." We stopped at a group leaning around a tree and they all turned to look at me. Not in a bad way, they were all smiling and a bit red from what I assume, was laughing.

"And that's all folks!" Caitlin cried, lifting her arms up dramatically. I laughed at just how cute she looked.

"What's all?" piped a blonde girl with hazel eyes. I could tell immediately that she was a dancer. What? I just have a good eye for these things!

"Nothing, I was just showing Jem all the different people we have here." Caitlin dropped onto the ground and smoothed her dress as if she was a royal princess, smoothing out her gown and holding her head up high. I caught her eye and let out a chuckle.

Then we went through the heavy work of introducing everyone there. It was a relatively small group of up about 8, most groups, from what I could see where made up of 15 and more. One by one they introduced themselves and made me feel really welcome because they were all like Caitlin, bubbly, happy and laughing.

I stood there (yes, I haven't thought about sitting, sorry if I'm slow on the uptake), trying to memorize the new names and their faces.

Ok, Natalie is the Indian girl there that has a real loud laugh and I could see, was one of those people that could make you laugh no matter what. Kate was the dancer that I spoke to, a bit blonde but still likable. Lilianne, a red head that was a bit quiet but her comments were always funny and Charlotte, someone I've found very interesting. She was the serious one of the group, with curly brown hair and talks in a very technical way. Although she was serious and ourresident "smart girl" she was also very funny. Then there were the guys. Sam and Xander were twins, both identical except their hair, one had sandy blonde, the other brown. They seem to be the T.V show telepathic twins because they keep finishing each others sentences. I laughed as they just did that again.

"So we were in Art Class right and –" Sam started

"-Mrs Fry came in right and then she found the smashed pot-" continued Xander

"and you should of seen the look on her face-" took up Sam

"TOTAL PUPPY DOG LOOK!" they finished together. Now that you think about the words its not so funny but you should see the way they say it, it was all happy, dramatic and hands flying everywhere to "emphasize" their point.

Oh right……about the rest of the group. There was also Seth, he looked like he belonged in a skate park yet looked so innocent with blond hair and blue eyes that made him look adorable. But I was warned that he was a "gangster" and I couldn't but not help to not believe them.

"HIM??" I cried, "you've got to be kidding"

"What? What's wrong, don't I look like a gangster to you?" He cried, pouting on the way.

"No way, you are so not a gangster" I said with my hands making the apostrophe marks.

"I am!" he cried, thumping the leg that was up on the ground, defiantly.

See what I mean?

Next to him, asleep was a dude named, Wallace! URK! What a name, I told him too and he didn't look offended. I'm just out spoken, what can I say?? I'm a Sagittarius and they all say I'm forward and have a tendency to say things with out thinking. Or thinking and saying…..but no one's keeping track of that. Anyway, this was Wallace's answer:

He shrugged and said, "So don't call me that, Toby" he nodded his head to show me to call him that. The whole group said they did and I was lucky a punch didn't land in my face.

Sigh…..what can I say, I touch many with my brilliant personality don't I? Haha…..joking joking.

I was continuing to remember names as they came to me, holding out my hands in front of me to keep track but someone tugged at my pants.

"Look" said Kate, "their all standing there looking at you." She said, looking behind me.

I frowned and turned around. What? People staring. That's strange. I thought.

Standing there, in the middle of the oval were those that kept themselves to themselves and right up front, blue hair blazing in the sun was the boy. Man, I should really ask or make up a name for him. I shook myself out of my thoughts and stared at him.

He nodded in my direction and smiled that smug little smile he was wearing before.

So I yelled impulsively,

"Oi Bluey, ya know it's rude to stare!"

Everyone around that heard me, which would be the whole school, Bluey's group included, burst out laughing.

Hey what can I say; I told you I'm a Sagittarius!

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