Chapter 1: Encounters

Hey guys.It's my very first attempt at a story! Reviews are unnecessary. Anyway, thanks for reading! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Liana threw her Geometry textbook into the locker with a loud thud, which was followed by an equally loud bang from the locker door, which she had just slammed close. Boy, was she in a bad mood, and everyone could tell.

"Someone's sure having a tantrum today."

The first sarcastic comment of the day. And it had happen now. Who in this world could ever project such a voice that possessed sarcasm by the liter? One answer. Uh-huh. Drumroll please. Chase Jonell. Claps. My worst enemy. Hear this often? She took a deep breath and turned around on her heels slowly. The Adidas sneakers she had on today squeaked inaudibly. She masked on her most icy face and coldest glare she could muster and said dryly or flatly, completely devoid of emotion, "The bitch, *pause* Rixi Devan, the skank you dated last month,*voice shaking with anger*, stole my report and put her name in it and got an A, while I left with NO grade."

Chase raised his hands up in mock surrender while smirking, "I didn't ask why. But serves you right for putting your name in pencil."

"It was in pen and she used liquid paper!" Liana exploded. (For those of you who don't know, liquid paper is the correction liquid, the white stuff used to correct things.) Adrenaline rushed into her ears, making them numb and she was just going to wham his head with a textbook, but he was too fast for her and was jogging down the hallway a moment later.

She sighed and put the book back in her locker quietly. The freshmen were giving her odd looks.

Let's go back to history: She and Chase were once best friends since 7th grade. You know, the best friends always attached at the hip by some imaginary stitches. But the other students found it amusing that she and Chase were always together and did everything together. Hell, they even slept together sometimes. (NOT in a perverse kind of way.) They always teased them about being and 'item' and kept pushing them to 'hook up'. She and Chase both denied profusely, but the pressure was so great, we stopped seeing each other with no regrets. They agreed to become 'good friends'. To make matters even worse, when they entered high school, he immediately got accepted into the 'elite class', a totally stuck-up name for the snobs and jocks. He was accepted because of one, his brother, a junior, was in there. Charles was the nicest big brother you could find, and she was still in touch with him, even now. Whenever stress got into her, he was always ready with 2 liter bottles of Coke and packets of cheese crackers. The second reason was of all the abs under the blue sweater he wore today. A slight glance would make any girl drool, well, all except Liana. She saw too much of her fill already, though her knees always felt weak when she caught a glimpse of them. She won't admit that to him. His ego was way too big already. You couldn't stuff his ego into an empty refrigerator, even with a battering ram.


She sighed again. She was in the middle-class. She had her own group of friends and attended parties five times a month, which was considered pretty ok for the 'elitists'. She was tight with all her friends, both girl and boy and no one got teased. Still she didn't understand why he had to tease her about everything she did. It got on her nerves, even when she was the happiest person alive. She could've been drunk off her ass and he could still get under her skin. She decided to forget about him and move on to her next class. History. Oh.good.