Her breath and sobs were shut down when she felt something fleshy, yet firm and gentle on her lips. Her eyes snapped open instantly. She sat there dazed from the blinding light from the window behind Chase-CHASE! Her blurry eyes focused on the face in front of her. Not exactly in front, but pressed on her lips. His eyes were closed, lost in his world of soft curves and even softer lips. He nibbled on her lower lip slightly, coaxing her to part her lips for him and him only. Her arms tried to push him away, but even her own traitorous body wasn't responding to anything other than the press of his lips on hers, the firm, gentle grip of his arms around her waist, the slight pressure of her inner thighs on his crouched ones, the slim, deft fingers pressing her even closer to him, even though it was almost impossible to be even closer to him. Her lips were numb from his pleasurable nibbling and soon her lips loosened up and his tongue cautiously drifted in her mouth. Not crudely shoving in like some guys tended to do, but floating, or drifting in confidently, as if he had wanted to do this for a long time. He tickled the backs of her teeth and she meekly giggled against his warm lips. The kiss, yet more like making out, lasted several minutes. Slowly, both of them pulled away. Leaning a bit forward, he whispered against her ear, "Give me another will you?" Reflexively, she pressed her lips against his cheek and said timidly, "Gladly, and at anytime you want." Grinning, he dove in for more.

At last I have finished.

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