Letting Go
I can't take everything any more.
I am not giving up on life,
I will not do any drastic,
I am just giving up.
Nothing is fun anymore.
Life just seems to be turning
Me through a tornado,
And I am not going to accept.
I feel weak,
Out of the loop.
I know I shouldn't just let things be.
There is always going to be people
Who can't handle me.
I should expect that.
But it is always people who I care about.
It is not fair.
But life isn't fair.
One day I will be able to learn.
But today is not the day,
So, it is time to
Throw my past in my head,
Bury it in the useless knowledge
That has accumulated there,
That I also must deal with,
But can't.
Time to move on,
Breaking my ties again,
And maybe the next place I find will
Feel like home all of the time.