Ok, I got a little angry. This is slightly insulting to people whose
beliefs are.a little different from mine. But I'm sure you'll get over it.
Also contains a little swearing. Read and Review, even if you flame,
please! Thanks!
Stop Judging
Who do you think you are
To judge me?
What gives you the right
To tell me that I'm wrong?
I don't care
What you think
I couldn't care less
About your prejudice
Or your hatred of what I am
I think
You should see someone about that
It can't be good for you
Not that I give a fuck
About you and what you think
Of me
And, thank you oh so much,
I'll be whatever the hell I want to be
And I'll not consult you
Because it's my own choice
So don't go preaching at me
About 'good' and 'evil'
If your God can't accept me
And love me for who I am
Then He must be more screwed up than you are
-But we already knew that
Because He's supposed to be
Well fuck that
I won't change who I am
Just for your peace of mind
Or for God's 'love'
See, I don't think either of you are worth that
So go screw yourself
Because I'm better than you'll ever be
So take your prejudice, and all your lies
And your promises
Of God's love-like I care!
'Cause I won't change