Once there was a fallen angel
Who didn't want to fall
But being imperfect didn't help him at all

Slowly he changed from what he was
His halo was gradually turning from gold to blood red
Though he did not notice the changes above his head

One by one the feathers fell
Burning into ash and falling into Hell
Darkness grew where once there was White
Where once was Hope, now lives Dread's blight
Black feathers growing one by one
Evil's feeding is never done
Then one day his wings were black
It seemed like none of the white feathers would ever grow back

While I am no angel
My fall from grace is real
But when I'm around you I can feel
All of that melting

You are my soft reprieve
My ration of hope and ease
My darling one who always Sees

A taste of Joy
A scent of spring rain
A cup of morning dew
A blossoming flower
A well of contentment
A living, walking, talking painting of a sunrise

You are all these things to me
But you are more now
Because you have given of yourself
For now you and I are We

And you are my taste of joy
My cup of morning dew
My well of contentment

I feel you love wrapping around me like a blanket
The warmth of it folding itself around me
The warmth soaks into my being
And gives me strength to carry on

You make me believe I can grow my white feathers back
Even though I can't
You make me believe I can make everything better
Even though I can't
But the magic of love
Is that even though I lost that part of me
You make me believe in that part of me again
And maybe, just maybe I can grow a new set of wings
Maybe I can make things better
Just so long as I have you
By my side.