Just Imagine
By Kenishiro
{You know what, while I was spring cleaning my documents in the computer, I
came across this poem that I wrote probably a couple of years back. I think
I wrote it when I broke up with my girlfriend, and I was like, what the
hell?! How come I didn't remember I wrote it? You guys probably had this
before, and seriously, this is the "breakup poem". Enough said, let me know
what you think about it.}

Just Imagine

Just imagine what if we're still together,
Holding hands,
Being the envy of others,
And the world is ours,

Just imagine what would we do on Saturday night,
Dinner at Nassiem's Little Kitchen,
Walking along the beach,
Staying up late,
I know that you like to gaze at the stars,
And I know that you still do,

Just imagine what we've been through all these years,
And yet you still can't see the way out,
And you still the same person you are,
Though you said you've change,

Just imagine what I've felt these three days,
You know I'm a wreck without you,
If this is the way you solve problems,
Then may be this is the end.

Feedback: Yes, please. Constructive criticism appreciated as well.