I love my job at Conoco!

Any other job would totally blow

It's the best

Better than the rest

So I suggest you go


While I work, I have a blast

I have never had more fun in the past

I stock the freezer, I make fries

I'm the best fry maker, no matter how hard everyone else tries

Though in making corndogs I come in last


I pump gas

I authorize gas

I could eat the stuff

It's totally nasty but I don't huff

I am totally sick of gas


I get paid very little

I'd make more selling spittle

My fingers look like less

My shirt's a mess

I'd rather be cooking on a griddle


My job is completely lame

It's not exciting, everything's always tame

I see someone coming, take a hike

I really want to be riding my bike

Working at a gas station? What a shame.


I quit.

And the word I would use to describe the place which rhymes with 'quit'

Shouldn't be used cuz this is rated G, so I'll just say

I quit. Again.