My heart slowly breaks
At the sound of your name
Powerful memories flood my mind
Assaulting my senses.

Images flash before my eyes
Your soft blonde hair,
Your sexy turquoise eyes
And your innocent smile

Your coconut scent
Haunts my mind
Suddenly real
Suddenly painfully strong

Your voice enfolds my mind
Lilting south-African tones
Rich as the rising sun
Soft as the dawns first light.

My body remembers your touch
Longs for your use
My IXth hour lover, my prince
I ache for your presence.

The taste of your lips
Lingers in my mouth
Human sweat and metallic piercing
Become one on my tongue

Shards of ice
Caused by your frosty silence
Rip my heart in two
The end of a snow-capped romance.