Daughters of Artemis

Chapter 23

"You know, I think you two are giving lesbians a bad name," Diana frowned, the brown haired woman looking at her sister with a frown.

"How so?" Athena asked mildly.

Diana threw her hands in the air as she said, "All you two do it talk! How long have you been seeing this woman? Weeks!"

"Not everyone is aggressive as you are," Athena looked amused. She sipped her beer as she added, "I don't want to rush her."

Around them the Daughters of Artemis was empty, the lights dim and chairs stacked on tables. The four of them were taking a short rest in closing up, and would soon get back to it. Descent was up at the bar with Circe closing the taps, and would join them shortly.

Descent casually finished her duties as she noted, "Are you sure you don't want me leaving, now that things have calmed down a bit?"

Circe snorted with amusement, "You call a mortal gang war calm?"

"By your standards?" Descent teased.

"Point," Circe conceded, "but no, I think you add a certain something to the bar." She grinned, "Hell, I think we've gained customers from people wanting to check you out."

"Gods, don't remind me," Descent said with a wry smile. They poured each other a drink and finished closing the war, then carried the glasses over to where the others sat.

"Thanks," Athena smiled as she took her drink and sipped a bit, sighing greatfully.

"So," Diana addressed the other two, "I was saying that Athena needs to get off the pot and satisfy Margaret. What do you think?"

"No," Descent said.

"Yes," Circe said.

"Oh that helps," Diana sighed as she had a sip of her own drink. Putting the cup down she looked at Descent, "Why not?"

Descent shrugged slightly. "You'd be bringing her into our world," she said, "a place were gods, demons and monsters roam. Does she know what she's getting into? And are you ready to take that kind of responsibility?"

There was a beat of dead silence. "That was grim," Circe noted after a moment.

"It's a good point though," Athena sighed. She sipped her drink, "That's part of why I've been... wary of going any farther."

"There's others?" Diana asked.

"The age issue," Athena added dryly.

She, Diana and Circe all sighed at the same time. They all were 'gods' and while that meant a lot less than it had thousands of years ago, it still meant something. They didn't age, didn't get sick and could only die by violence, pretty much.

"I'm concerned with that too," Descent admitted after a moment. As a human soul trapped in a demon body she had no idea how long she might live... but the odds were it might be a long time. (Assuming someone didn't kill her anyway.)

"Hence dating a vampire?" Circe teased.

Descent blushed as she muttered, "I sort of fell into that."

Athena patted her on the shoulder, smiling. Sipping her drink again she said, "I guess I just have to make sure Margaret understands what she's getting into before we go any further."

"I'd think she'd know by now," Diana said with a shrug.

They debated the issue a bit more, then finally Athena excused herself "I should probably go too," Descent said as she got up, "I promised to meet Sam later."

"Don't do anything too insane," Circe joked.

"I'll do my best," Descent chuckled as she walked across the empty bar.

"That's what worries us," Diana laughed back.

Circe got up from the table, wiping it off before stacking the chairs on it. They rinsed the cups, then the two women prepared to go. "You know, if Athena was in a novel she'd wreck a love story in five pages," she remarked.

"She may be the goddess of wisdom and war," Diana sighed, "but that doesn't mean she's lucky in love." She smirked, "Unless you think love is a battlefield."

"Don't quote eighties songs at me, or I'll hurt you," Circe laughed as she snuggled close to Diana as they walked.

"Promises promises," Diana cooed back.


Jasmine smiled as the exotically purple haired beauty waited for a appointment. She was a... escort, who specialized in female customers. She did NOT consider herself a prostitute, in fact most of her clients only got her company and not sex. She was a regular at the Daughters of Artemis, and one of her 'tests' for a potential date was to take them there. If Diana or Circe picked up on something, they would warn her and if needed step in.

Tonight was a new client, sent by a agency Jasmine used. They screened customers quite carefully, but just in case she wasn't wearing her REALLY sexy gear, just a slinky dress, silver earrings and fine stockings. Attractive, but not too tempting she hoped.

The doorbell rang and Jasmine walked over, taking a peek through the spy hole only to see a familiar face. 'What is Descent doing here...?' she wondered before things happened distressingly quickly.

As Jasmine unlocked the door Descent hammered it with her shoulder, sending Jasmine staggering backwards. The black haired woman swiftly shut, then locked the door before advancing on Jasmine, her pretty features now looking MUCH more dangerous.

"What the hell?" Jasmine demanded even as she fumbled for a emergency beeper she kept in her purse.

"Don't even try it," Descent growled as she slammed Jasmine against the wall. "Did you think I wouldn't find out?" she demanded.

"Find out what?" Jasmine shot back defiantly.

"You passing information to the Lady Diana," Descent said flatly, her eyes glowing red.

Jasmine felt the blood rush from her face, her eyes widening in alarm. "It... it's not what you think," she stammered softly.

Descent studied her a moment, and Jasmine desperately wanted to know what was going through the woman's mind. She finally loosened her grip and said, "Talk."

Jasmine puffed out a sigh, though she didn't relax yet. She knew that Descent could do some pretty horrible things to her. "Yes, I passed information to the Lady," she conceded willingly, "but only things she could easily find out on her own."

"That's a slippery slope to be walking on," Descent said flatly, "just telling the Lady when we get off work puts us in danger."

"I know," Jasmine conceded softly She sighed, "She's threatening my lover, Alex. What else could I do?"

Descent stood there a moment, looking much more dangerous than any time Jasmine had seen her. Finally she said, "I don't know Alex as well as some, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want you to do that." She smiled grimly, "In fact, I think she'd tell the Lady to go to hell."

Jasmine looked away, feeling deeply ashamed Alex really WOULD tell the Lady herself off, if she tried to blackmail her. It was what made Jasmine love the other woman so much. She looked back at Descent, "What are you going to do now?"

Descent paused, then sighed as well. "Don't send any more information," she said as she walked away, "you don't want Alex to find out about this."

Jasmine tensed, realizing she was threatening her with Alex just like the Lady. "You bitch...," she hissed softly.

Descent smiled slightly, "I don't deny it. I'd also suggest switching agencies to set up your dates. Your current one is way too easy to break into."


"That was a little harsh," Circe noted as she met with Descent later that evening. Diana was fast asleep, while Circe had snuck out to talk with the occasionally mysterious half demon.

Descent shrugged slightly as they stood together on the rooftop of the apartment building the Daughter's staff all lived in. "If the Lady gets a grip on her, things will only get worse," she said quietly. "It'll start with harmless information, but then what?" she asked.

Circe nodded slightly. "That's why I told you, after she confessed to me," she admitted.

"Hopefully she goes to Alex, tells her what's going on and then breaks it off with whoever her contact is with the Lady," Descent sighed.

"Will Alex be alright if she does that?" Circe asked pointedly.

"Sam and I will keep a eye on her, and Jess Drake is sending a message to the Lady about it," Descent smiled coldly.

Circe raised her eyebrows, "The Lady is that scared of Jess?"

"No one knows how the hell Jess broke in and scarred the Lady's face," Descent reminded her, "if I was the Lady I'd be scared of her, too."

"True," Circe agreed.

There was a moment of silence and Descent asked, "Are you and Diana sure you still want Sam and I staying here?"

Circe gave her a look, "What brought this on?"

"We're arguably a danger to you and yours, especially if Sam and I continue to press our war on the Lady." Descent shrugged, "I figured I should give you a chance..."

"Don't be a idiot," Circe slapped her on the shoulder "your the best part timers I've ever had."

"We're the ONLY part timers you've had," Descent pointed out reasonably.

"Point still stands," Circe chuckled.

To be continued...