I sit there biting my nails
Being ignored again, as usual
Why do you just walk past
Not even noticing me

Why can't you see?
How broken I am
I need fixing and that
Can come only from you

My heart is shattered in
To a million pieces I
Try to put it together
But you have one key piece

I need you no matter
What, my life is hell
Without you I just
Don't know how you can't see

Is it because you don't
Even notice me, is it
Because you don't even
Care for me, and why would you

Do I have to walk and
Fall for you to see
That I need you and
Your faith in me

Do I need to hurt
Myself to get some
Sympathy from you or
Will you see you need me

I cannot take it
Anymore I need you
You're the only person
I love I need you

Can't you see your
My world, you're my
Everything and as sad it
May sound I'll die without you

I walk by you don't
Even notice, your to
Busy checking out my
Best friend in the world

I need you I want
You, why can't you
Feel the same way
Am I that bad to love

So I'm not the
Cheerleader or the
Most popular or even
The most beautiful

But can't you love
Me anyway, love is
Not perfect, like everything
Like me

But why can't
You just notice
For once and be
Looking at me

I say it again
I love you
This is my last time
Coz I know its in vain

But you don't know
The pain I'm going
Through and why would
You, coz you don't even care

I just hope one day
You'll feel the same
And know how I felt
Then you'll be sorry

And I'll be sorry for your pain

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