Hand in hand, two souls unite
In the midst of a garden where
The sun seems to always shine
Within its narrow gates,
And a gentle breeze carries
The sweet fragrance of a rose
To two corners of a lonely world.
A pair of mortals recieve its calling
That beckons them to come and enter
This garden called "Love."

So they run into the safe haven
Of this sought after land,
Escaping the frigid winds
That haunt a desolate earth.
Drawing closer, hearts beat faster,
But just as quickly, hope is dimming.
And with falling countenances
They observe their grim surroundings
Littered with roses of brittle thorns,
And fallen petals of blackened red.

Then images flash of time past
When these flowers bloomed
Into magnificent physique,
Full of beauty manifest.
Their thorns were not so sharp
And their aromas once aroused.
How so flawlessly they stood,
Seemingly to always remain
Without taint or mar.

Though time is a thief
Who turns joy into apathy.
He causes beauty to wither,
And innocence to rust.
Wholeness's light vanishes,
While unification is split in half.
He takes the wonder of love
And brings it to forever fade,
Into a memory forgotten,
Replaced with a hallow present.

So could it be destiny
That these lovers find
Their rose to be just another
That wilts and dies?
Or should they continue on
Closer towards one another,
Taking each step in faith?
Still, this they do know,
That no matter how long or short
Their fervant embrace be shared,
God's love for both remains forever.

Even though they may
In the end fail love's test,
They can always be one,
Together bound in a love
Which exceedes far
Past time, past age.
A love that reaches
Beyond mistakes,
Beyond hurt and pain,
Farther than life or death.

This love of God,
So divine and warm,
The only love that could melt
A heart frozen in ice.
His love teaches two spirits
How to endure and hold fast
Past the light and the dark,
The good times and bad,
The contentment and sorrow,
That comes with every day of season.

Whether it be in spring to summer
When the days are long and warm,
Or should it come to fall and winter
When the air is chilled and hostile,
And the night transcends day by far,
God's love, brought with His Spirit
Will come to take them by the hand,
And tenderely will He lead them
Back to where they first met,
Into the garden forever called "Love."