Like an inferno
The kind of cold that burns
Feel it now consuming your flesh
Biting at your ears and nose
Look at your heart
Frozen clear through
And like a song interrupted at the best part,
It stops beating
Then breaks clear off
Falling to your abdomen
Crushing your stomach along the way
Shattering your liver and kidneys
Bits of you start to chip off
A few of your fingers crack and fall to the floor
The clouds become solid forms
And come crashing from the air
One lands on your head and your brittle skull caves in
The added weight breaks your torso in half
Lands with a crash in the stiff grass
You lie in shattered pieces on the frozen ground
I take a sledge hammer
To anything that still resembles a body part
Leaving only your heart unscathed
The one part of you that you always ignored
Now it's all you have left