'Tis not your words,

nor your sweet face

that estranges me from you…

What happens when we lay together

beneath starlit skies of ebony

and our hearts do not beat in rhythm?

When our midnight meals are not

lit by glowing, scented candles?

When I whisper, oh so softly

in your ear, "I love you."

So gentle the moon does not wink

at my pleasure.

"I love you," I repeat, in case you have not heard

but you have…you are only speechless,

at a loss for words.

Know not what to say.

This silence, the absence of a response

pierces my heart…and yet;

I smile through the driving pain.

Merely a curve of my lips,

yet just enough to convince you

all is well.

If you believe us meant for each other,

our souls entwined, as you once said,

then why does my heart hint

that it may be time to say goodbye?



Oh how my heart once soared,

how you gave me wings…

…to fly above the rest.

I needed you.

Your scent, your smile, your careless words.

Your hair, your see-through laugh.

Your ready joking manner, your lack luster eyes…

I needed you.

Now I do not…

Together we should not be.

I cannot bring myself to say those words.

Those words… that I know you

anxiously await, want to hear.

Testing me, to assure yourself

that I am still playing along willingly,

letting you pull my strings like a marionette.

But this time…I cannot humor you, I will not.

Because I no longer feel

the passion I once did.

Because I have removed your mask, and seen the truth.

You smile faintly in your desperation,

thinking I do not realize it is all an act.

But no longer will I let you feed on my

true feelings… that you did not share.

You say, "I love you," in a hopeless rasp

and I know… it is time to say goodbye.