I hold your hand in mine
Feel my soul is split in twain
Dead and gone inside of me
With all that I see.

When I needed you,
You weren't there
When I cried for you,
You weren't there
And when you needed me,
I turned away.

Today I felt myself dying
The angels, they were crying
As I thought of you with her
As I thought of where you were
I don't want her wish fulfilled
I want her desire for you killed.

Am I selfish or am I just?
Doing what I must
To keep away the whips and chains
Using my wings to keep out the pains
Of her manipulation and greed
Her want and need

Maybe what I say and do is wrong,
Maybe they were right all along,
Protecting you out of jealously
Instead of love or courtesy
Then why do I not back away?
Why with you do I stay?
Crystal tears are what I cry
While deep inside I die

An emotion known as love
A fallen angel from above
I hear his gentle whispering
My precious one, my liebling
I look into his eyes and wonder
Why did I feel you didn't love me today
Why must I feel this way?
I am sorry I doubted you
My darling one,
Dear heart