She didn't particularly like this idea of theirs, not at all as a matter of fact. Everyone knew what the house did.. at least in the back of her mind.. but she guessed for some reason they left if there.. because part of them wanted it to remain. She knew that nobody came away from it unscathed.even though they said otherwise. that the occasional person could come out of it with just what they had asked for.

She shuddered as the two others, one a tall lanky blonde, the other a tall, somewhat built brunette walked ahead of her, talking in fast excited whispers. She could hear how they said that the house summoned them.. That the house said it would give them whatever they want without any real cost.

That was the problem.

To the people in probably wouldn't be real, at least the people from the other half of town. She never really did understand why.. But nearly every time she got to the other side.. when she actually could, she seemed to forget everything about this house. Every time she came back, she'd regain some of it.but not all. She guessed that's why no one really every believed the stories. Magic Eight. That almost made her it was some stupid little eight ball you asked yes or no questions like. 'Does Johnny like me? Will Lee ask me out?' The laugh stuck in her throat. Frankly, the number eight seemed horrifying now.there was some distant tickle that tried to tell her why.. but she continued to walk past the run down trailers and diligently followed the two boys.

Soon the trailers subsided, and trees began to sprout up here and there. The trees then turned to a thick and dark forest, with seeps of gray light flittering down sparsely, in narrow shafts the illuminated everything in their wake in a specter like fashion.

A coal black shack seemed to waver just before her then with startling intensity it solidified. She retracted her fingers from the area just before the doorknob. The two boys had already entered.. And it wasn't as though she heard any screaming. Chewing her lip slightly, she flicked long dirty blonde hair out of her brown eyes.

Her petite but curvaceous body gave a violent shake as she opened the door. Her mouth formed a silent O when she saw only one boy in the shack, who was hastily scribbling something on the floor with a piece of white pastel, which seemed to be littered throughout the room. The brunette's face was lit with a feverish grin, as he continued to write.

"Where. where is." She asked, chewing her lip rather viciously after speaking the words she had let trail off. There was only one room, but she had the most sickening feeling that the other was still here. The brunette did not answer, but grinned triumphantly, as he finished writing on the floor with a flourish at the end.

His grin widened as the room filled with cash, and jewels and all sorts of other shows of wealth. It continued to widen unnaturally, in a sickening way that made her stomach roll. His arms seemed to stick to his sides, and his eyes began to grow distant from each other. His nose went into his face and formed slits.

She looked away. The house whispered around her. 'You have your wealth you greedy little snake.'

She saw a hole in the floor in the far corner.. she could only hope the blonde hadn't fallen down there. Right now she wanted more then anything to be gone from this wicked house, the house of the eight.the long ago made eight orbs, which glowed in eight points of the room, against the floor which a verbosity which nearly blinded her. She scrambled over to the whole and looked down only to see darkness. Hesitantly at first, she called out his name. Again, still weakly but quicker she called for him. This time louder she called. When no answer came, she let out a strangled sob.

'And what is it that you want, little fae? Have you not meddled enough with us in the past?' The house, no the orbs asked, in their silky chorus like whisper.

"I want to be free from all this!" She cried angrily, with her brown eyes narrowed.

The soft whispering voices chuckled. A blade shot at her and landed in the wall with a thump. 'Little fae, wants to be free, so we'll make sure she never needs to ask again.'

The voices we're positively mad in her opinion, as more blades began to fly through the air at her. She made her way towards the door but cried out and nearly stumbled as a dagger nicked her shoulder.

She rushed towards the door clutching her shoulder, and flung the door open. This time as she peered back at the shack she saw a window as though for a basement. Looking into it, she screamed as she saw the blonde, being consumed by some sort of poison green sand, which caused smoke to pour out from every hole in his body as it burned him from the inside.

She screamed as she ran to the window, kicking at it, trying to make it burst, to help get him out. It had yet to occur to her that this might not be exactly the most grand of ideas idea.

A sharp pain stabbed through her chest, she looked down to see herself impaled on a sword. Blood leaked out of her mouth and from her eyes. She fainted, and as she fell, an eight appeared on her four head as though carved there. As she slowly died, in blissfully free unconsciousness, blood blossomed out around her in the form of wings.

They laughed, the two boys, as they raced ahead of the short, pale dirty-blonde haired girl, who nervously chewed her lip as the spoke of the shack in the woods that granted your every wish.. She felt like she had done this before, she knew this house was wrong.not evil.but wrong. The two red heads, both a head taller then her, identical down to the freckles raced ahead of her.

'Little Fae..' Something seemed to whisper in her ear. She walked on, determined to follow the two twins....

They were both dead, bodies strewn on the floor; lust driving them to fight each other to the death, for the succubae the eight had created for them. She wished to be away from all this, and found herself, then shrinking away from the middle of the room towards the door, as though she felt some odd aura trying to grant her wish. She was dead as her foot hit the doorstep..

Again, the course of events continued, and again and again and again. And it probably continues on forever..

She sat up, sweating, eyes wide with fright, as for the next night in a row she dreamt this.. she sighed getting up and getting dressed.. it was till early.but in a bit, she could go to the other side of town and buy groceries like her father had said to.

By the time she reached the half waypoint in town she had entirely forgotten about the dream. Upon arrival back, her two friends, both tall, one Hispanic, the other Japanese, dared her to come along with them to the shack in the woods. The laughed about the stupid old rumors.. funny. she couldn't remember any of them.. so why not just go along with it.?