I don't know how I can go on like this, living frightened and scared. You would too if you lived like I do. I have the perfect parents, a beautiful house, and my own room. Every thing seems great from the outside. I have two sisters, a younger one who is 12 at the time, named Monica. Then there is me, Ann. I'm 13 almost 14, if I ever reach it. It's all the fault of my big sister Beth who is 17.

I don't know how it started, but I just know it did. Only a week ago Tuesday, my sister Beth moved out. Partly because of the fight on Monday, partly because of herself, she is a psycho. I tell you, a madman. No one believes me though. Friday she did return just for a visit. It was only my mother, my little sister and I at home at the time. She came for more stuff and messed up the house. What she did was she ripped up some books, threw a pie on the new rug. Ripped up a picture and more. Broke my mom's girl scouts piƱata, and knocked down a picture, all the time cursing and swearing to kill my parents.

I should be use to this by now. I have had her hit me since 4th grade. I know I must tell someone and I do. My parents are who. My parents believe me but then say I lie. That I have provoked her, I don't provoke her, I don't want to die!

She is here today. Here in the house. I'm home alone, and I'm scared. She wants to kill me for sure. I am sure she has damaged the house worst then before. I know our glass door is shattered, I heard it when she came in. Why don't my parents believe me? It's worst then it's ever been. I only write now, because my voice can't be heard. Even if so, who would believe my word? I want my dad home, right now, for my safety and sanity. If my mom came home now, I'm sure she would die. My sister will take us out one by one, and I don't want to be the first. I want to call the police but what could they do? She is a minor. The penitentiary would not do. I wish she were died. Oh what, what can I do? If I live to see tomorrow I will talk to my counselor at school, because I don't want to ever come home again, to what might be my death. Oh blast it, where are they! I need help now, not later but now.

People wonder why I'm so square. I guess it's because a mental problem I have. I don't want to be anything like my sister. Who is pretty and popular, all I say is pooh. I'm great in math, and she's not. I have goodness in side me. The devil is what's she got. What have I done but be different than her. That is why she wants to kill me. Who wants to be an ax murder?

Oh Friday's fight I got hurt bad, betrayed. My sister Monica was on Beth's side, not my mom's or dad's.

I find space pleasing, so calm it's true, a place where I could be free. Monica is not evil but Beth must be killed first before there is peace in the galaxy, and I'm allowed to lead a normal life. Space also gets me as far away from my sister as possible, and in the books or movie the good guys always win, if they don't get killed first.

Why didn't I just go to school today, why?

I end this writing with one word... hope!