Upon the Wind

Take my hand, I'll lead you in,

To see what none have before.

Careful now, touch not the walls,

The glass may shatter.


Sing your words to soothe the mind,

Cradle comfort and trust of soul.

Do not stray away from me,

Though some fanciful calling invokes

A sweet and stolid yearning.


Don't pull away, from my hand,

This task tortures me more than you.

Listen to these words,

Hear not the mournful cries,

Nor feel the trepidations.


Follow close, avert your eyes,

For once in life see my face.

Now lift your hand

And swear to me,

Never touch my heart.


Walk straight down this encrimsoned path,

I no longer may lead you.

Keep your face forever forward,

Stray not the slightest into the abyss.


The subtle vibrations, of your journey,

Resonate throughout my body,

Slowly, though, I feel you stray,

Shattering the crystalline barriers.


Pray remember your words,

Touch not my impuissant heart,

For you have already razed its walls.


I feel you know, reach out a hand

No doubt gazing in wonderment at what you see,

A bitter heart crafted of onyx,

Shrouded harshly for protection.


With a touch, you cause the crack,

The catalyst for my destruction.

I trusted you to remember your promise:

"Never touch my heart."


Yet as you flee,

Pursuing into the abyss some specious Siren

Singing her song of seduction,

I remember now, the reason for my heart's shroud:

Promises are but words written eternally upon the wind.